Here I work through ideas to try and give this story a consistent internal logic. It is partly in note-like format. I will use it for reference as I go along providing narrative to tell the story. It is a plot spoiler too.

There is a two faced Janus like death-drive/ life-force that is silk-like and illusory capable of both giving and taking away. It is made not of matter but of imagination. This is rejected by narcissists who self-destruct in a futile attempt to make meaning.

The Life-force element is deterred by capitalist relations which inhibits libidinal possibilities and incites narcissism. The Phallic Mother may respond to this insult as ‘life finds a way’ even for love. Or, the Phallic Mother may be used against love, as a force for the death drive.

The web of imagination can work negatively to horrify the narcissist as it’s phobic object. The web may also as Phallic Motherhood suck out the life-force from neurotic subjects, rendering them either dead or juridical (a non libidinal narcisstic identification with The Law, obsessed with excessive obedience toThe Law).

In my story individual cancer is a metaphor for the effects of capitalism on humanity. It is the narcissist embodied within tissues. It is life-force in excess, but as such purely destructive rather than libidinal.

This raises a question: Why would extracting excess life-force also destroy the libido? Because this Life-force element is taken by the Phallic Mother who whilst capable of birthing life itself also has a Death Drive element and takes away humanity and its self awareness and capacity for libidinal love.

In the story Capitalism uses Phallic Mother to extract excess life and cancer – for profit and as a political weapon. at the same time this Phallic Mother (unintended consequences) kills the libido and creates a myrmidon, a juridical narcissist in Victoria. This horrifies Martha who sees Victoria’s loss of capacity for love. Victoria becomes Paterson’s handmaiden in a grotesque campaign of serial mutilation, cleavage and orifice fetishism. (We may think of Brady and Hindley here).

OncoWeb makes money selling The Cure for Cancer. It’s scientists obsessed with this goal regardless of the consequences much as the Atomic Scientists were under Oppenheimer in their search for The Atomic Bomb.

The UK Government becomes emboldened by cultural changes reflecting increasing destruction of the self, as Cancer is indeed Cured for those made OncoWeb secure.

Ineffectual rebellion is there and may (we don’t know) at some time prevail. The Zero Cancer culture somehow creates an implicit recognition that procreation itself releases new cancerous possibilities. This is against the Law decreed by Zero Cancer the Phallic Mother as death drive (as opposed to Life-force).

The push for Zero Cancer grows as the death drive gets the upper hand via OncoWeb and the Phallic Mother in capitalist hands. Radical Empiricism is the juridical philosophy following the Law of this Death Cult. Even some Evangelists recognize this as the coming of the EndTimes and the rapture – and a campaign for self-immolation begins, as OncoWeb is installed universally.

Victoria and Paterson reject The Brethren and become premillenialist terrorist targets. The importance of the masses (Nesta quotes), and the rise of a distorted confused fascism: signing its own death warrant by aligning with The Cure and hastening Armageddon and global war but without the Global Empire of The Brethren’s prediction. Only The Spiders will remain and rule.

The Fascists are fooled and adopt the very Anti-Christ that Nesta warns them against: The Cure. It is Nesta’s Anti-Christ forces of socialism and liberal democracy that fight against the Cure as well as their (the socialists’) enemy The Premillenialists.

There is a contradiction between both: a) premillenialist wish to see the second coming and desire to resist sin; and b) premillenialist nostalgic desire for flag faith and family and capitalist forces of free enterprise. These both mean that adopting The Cure as inevitable sows the seeds of humanity’s destruction. Only The Brethren have faith in The Second Coming so religion is the only way out and there is a surge in Premillenialist popularity alongside a surge in AntiCapitalist Communitarian Libertarianism both fighting the capitalist forms of fascism and free enterprise espoused by Right Wing Cornerstone of the High Tory command of Cancer Free Britain (under U.S. control).

“Webster claimed that the destruction of Christian civilization was ‘the avowed intention’ of Russian Bolsheviks and British socialists, the hidden goal of the Zionists, the unintended result of the Social Gospel, and the inevitable outcome of any German conquest of Europe.”

Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 38, No. 2, 2004
Mrs Webster’s religion: conspiracist extremism on the Christian far right

The rebellion is forced to the edges of society as access to services becomes dependent on proof of OncoWeb extraction and loss of libido. Sex is now purely at the service of lust to dominate and self-gratification. Women become asexual and infertile and this is seen as a good thing. Sex for men with libidinal (non OncoWeb secure and therefore fertile) women is banned. The rebellion is only hinted at. Martha sees the horror and attempts to rescue Victoria but fails.

Today it would be the avowed intention of Islamic Fundamentalists and Socialist Internationalists, the hidden goal of Jewish Zionists, the unintended goal of the Social Gospel, and inevitable outcome of Globalised Free Enterprise, or perhaps Chinese conquest of Eurasia.

Paterson through his cleavage fetish only exacerbates his cravings for fetish-arousal which culminates in a hyperbolic fervour of arousal, permanent erections and uncontrollable ejaculations ( we may think of Burrough’s City of the Red Nights here) and in a Kafkaesque turn he becomes enmeshed in web slowly but surely – a web that he tightens around his penis as he suffocates in cleavage and which then the Phallic Mother tightens itself as fetish morphs into phobic object. This eventually goes past orgamsic pain/pleasure and amputates his organ which Victoria then, perhaps increasingly spider-like, and as juridical stand in for the Phallic Mother devours.

Spiders and their webs return the earth to its primordial state as the cycle of death destroys capitalism and allows another attempt at self aware human life elsewhere in the universe in which the absence of capitalism may allow for the survival of love and of neurotic doubting self awareness in place of radical empiricism juridical narcissism and self destruction through totalitarian fascism.

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