Welch’s second meeting with The Mother, a consultation with the oracles from Africa and Tomás’s Arachnomancy cards. The geneticists breakthrough and the set up of the Company.

Welch, as with other extractees embodies The Law and is cancer-immune. He has power and is possessed by or even ‘is’ the Demand to spread the word. This is his raison d’être, his dharma as Mother Spider warrior in chief. He meets again with Tomàs. Paterson’s done it. Welch is exuberant. He’s bloody done it mate, in his Australian twang. He’s a nutcase but I always knew he’d come up with the goods. Tomàs is quiet. The research program has been more effective and much quicker than he’d expected. He felt a little overtaken by events. What have we actually done? Done mate? He’s only sold the whole caboodle for a pretty penny too. That means massive production acceleration enough to cope with up to a million cancer-extractions per day. In a year the UK will be cancer free. But what about the impotence the loss of sex, childbirth, that’s going to a problem no? No, that bastard Johnson and those fanatics are all over it, they’ve shut down parliament and imposed martial law. Sex is finished. Jesus H Christ that’s impossible, people will never accept it. They’ll have no bloody choice mate. Anyone caught sexually active will be forcibly extracted, or hung out to dry mate. Christ Welch they’ll be bloody riots and then what happens when people stop having babies? Well that’s the beauty of it. My guess is they’ll use Paterson and his mates to set up another programme to identify women who can be kept for elite priestly fertility purposes and once they’ve birthed they can be extracted or disposed of. They’ll find a way. I’m damn sure those rich bastards will find a way to sow their bloody oats. You mean a kind of genetic engineering program. Sure, they’ll decide whose genes and meanwhile Paterson and his religious nut jobs are going to have a field day cutting down all resistors. Fuck me what have we done? And what about the spider now then? What do you mean?

The Mother Spider is making enforcing and predicting our future. How, is that a problem? Yes, it is. But how?

Tomàs has been finding ways to communicate with the Mother Spider using Arachnomancy cards and now finds his own nightmares are becoming more intrusive vivid and dystopian. The spawning is due soon. His dreams of waves of spiderlets covering the surface of the planet suggest The Tribulation and The Rapture may see the rising not of the human dead from their graves but the rising of the more terrible extinct ancestors of the Tasmanian Cave Spiders.

2019, 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy · Curated by Ralph Rugoff

“The cards are an instrument of mediation, one of the many ways to consult spider/web oracles. Spider/webs are the mouths through which the spider eats and the oracle speaks. The oracle is a messenger between perceptual worlds, transcending the reciprocal blindness between life forms. Spider/webs weave worlds of vibration in tune to the astral scores. Sense new threads of connectivity, or else face the eternal silence of extinction. As life draws lines on your hands, so the spider draws lines on your future. The Arachnomancy reading is written through the silken threads of the spider/web”

The UK programme starts with the most sexually actively, the young and pubertal. Educational programmes emphasizing the moral and nationalist interest are rolled out. Older already infertile people will be left to last. More and more people with cancer clamoring for and are willing to pay for extraction, are being left untreated as resources are diverted into the BAM-Web extraction program. People waiting for extraction are strongly encouraged to use contraception and avoid reproductive sex as, (especially for the for the premillinarials) inciting tribulation and war, de-population is a key element of The Cure.

Voices of libertarian resistance led by Lord Sumption and the Cancer Recovery Group become more strident, louder but are drowned out by the media and populist clamour for The British Cure. Johnson is filmed being extracted but many think it was fake, surely he would never give up his sex voluntarily. Paterson and others vow to make examples and devise tests to prove a person has been sexually de-commissioned.

Welch is triumphant. In the USA Trump with right wing premillinarial backing including Christian Zionists has already bought in the technology and is setting up vast extraction centers across the USA. Trump has already collaborated with The right wing Christian textualists and premillinarials to set up camps to isolate illegal immigrants and non Americans. The Jews are nervous. If the extraction process is to cure cancer for the righteous what must be done with the non-Christian? Meanwhile Tomàs still has control over the Mother Spider. No Mother Spider no extraction. Welch has set up extraordinary security measures around the studio which has been moved to a ‘secret’ location.

?spiders begin to multiply and are becoming venomous .

? Why the UK first?

? The elite only have access to storage if generic material. Some willing to give up sex.

The narcissists affected radically differently, become more obsessively voracious for their fetish and destructive of their phobias. Welch not a myrmidon!

OncoWeb Inc. is globally preeminent. It has the Mother Spider that controls the web, the ancient oracle, the gaping mouth, man’s nemesis. Mother Spider from her Tasmanian lair emanates intent necessary for the extractors to function. And Mother Spider looks ready to spawn potentially cannibalistic offspring. This is making both Tomàs and Welch nervous. Welch heads for China and then Russia to set up deals for extraction expansion. His skin is becoming itchy, and his walking gait has subtly altered, smaller steps slightly jerky shoulders stooped head tilted to one side, in an intentional rush.

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