Extraction Macht Frei

“Life is not just about matter and how it immediately interacts with itself but also how that matter interacts in interconnected systems that include organisms in their separately perceiving worlds – worlds that are necessarily incomplete, even for scientists and philosophers who, like there objects of study, form only a tiny part of the giant perhaps infinite universe they observe”

(Dorian Sagan, A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans, with a Theory of Meaning, 1934)

We are trying to learn about spiders’ behavior and net making and we would like to learn more about the origin of the uni-verse

Martha awakes, alone, from an erotic dream, sleepily she thinks of Victoria, and still aroused she slowly masturbates to a gentle climax. Only then she lowers her legs to the floor and remembers what the day holds for her.

She has received her appointment for preliminary genetic screening at the BAM-Web extraction centre. They are rumored to be selecting certain women for illicit so-called birthing camps.

She is exhausted on her way home on the bus. She’s been screened but no results as yet. She has to wait twenty four hours and following that fully expects her sex to be extracted. Already she has evaded two appointments but has had a visit and a warning from the neighborhood militia.

She is alone on the top deck of the bus with another woman sat opposite, young and attractive, and their eyes meet. She had been at the centre too. Soon there will be no sex for either of them, both young and desiring. Martha sees the woman’s legs long tanned and lithe stretched out into the aisle and glances at the outline of her breasts no bra, shapely, nipples erect and arousing. She feels her own nipples harden and a warm intense clitoral twitch and squeezes her thighs together. She moves to sit beside her their thighs touching. She reaches out a hand and meets outstretched needy and scared fingers. They look at each other. Why don’t we make the most of the time we have left? She runs her hand further up the woman’s thigh all the way to her pubes, no panties. Mm let’s. Sexual mores are changing rapidly.

Later that day Martha meets Victoria but hardly recognizes her, gaunt, dark rings under eyes, baggy clothes to hide her disfigurements from several surgeries. They sit in silence. What’s happened to you? Have you been extracted yet? No, but I’ve had my screen. Good, it’s vital we all pull our weight, The Cure is among us Let Her Will Be Done. Is it true about the birthing and concentration camps Victoria. I know nothing of those Martha my work is solely focused on maximizing extraction rates and that’s a full time job I can tell you we’ve had amazing success though, 32 million extracted so far and the population is falling all the time. I’ve joined the Liberationists Victoria. You haven’t! Shrill and standing up. I can’t listen to any more. Later Victoria does report Martha anyway all possibilities of love or caring having been extracted along with her potential for excess-life as cancer.

A day later Martha received a knock at the door, she has passed the screening and the militia are there to take her to what they call The Resort, the camp. She is told that she is lucky. At the camp she is told different.

Johnson and Jones, their political Allie’s and some of the premillinarials visit the camp regularly to ‘enjoy’ debasing her and others sexually. In sadistic orgies with Arachnid overtones.

Paterson is taken on an illicit trip to the camp by the premier Johnson and now vice premier Iain Jones. Paterson’s peccadilloes are well known and he knows they know. He doesn’t care and in any case the camp excites him. The premillinarial leaders officially disapprove but many of them also frequent the camp whilst others turn a blind eye partly to curry favor with those in power. Paterson indulges in hyperbolic destructive tortures, undertakes surgical experiments with orifices and nipple destruction. mastectomies and cleavage fetishising.

Paterson no longer finds pleasure in extracted women who are no longer fully woman and so no longer fully function as his phobic object. Hence his turn to the camps.

Lord Sumption vocal leader of the sexual liberationists is arrested. He is publicly villified and undergoes testing in public on mainstream TV for his orgasmic response using the test devised by Paterson – he fails of course. On TV he becomes fully erect as the anal electrodes are switched on and he climaxes and ejaculates on screen. A dramatic climax. Having failed the test, his genitalia are in full view swiftly and cleanly amputated as both punishment and deterrent designed to terrorize . He is then sent to the sacrificial camp, his final resting place, where his death will appease Mother Spider.

There are stories of other camps and other atrocities in the UK, USA, and other places where undesirables are being segregated, forcibly sterilized but denied the valuable cancer-extraction the sacred tool of Mother Spider. There is talk of animal and then human sacrifice to feed the Mother Spider’s will.

Martha finally escapes from the camp, with the aid of Tomàs who has been told of her abduction. But too late, she has been impregnated by Johnson himself. The sexual act was oppressive, shameful and non-libidinal, non-erotic, he hisses like the part spider he is becoming as he came. His excess as narcissist has been transformed into arachnoid life-force and Martha will suspect the foetus is not fully human. Martha is aware of strange feelings inside as she travels with Tomàs to a safe (ish) house.

She tells Tomàs about the pregnancy and her strange sensations. Tomàs senses spider straight away, but doesn’t say anything. This nightmare has been foretold in his dreams.

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