Webs of At-tent(s)ion, Tomás Saraceno, 2022. Photograph: Tomás Saraceno

Spiders have survived on the planet [for] 400 million years, much longer than we have been here, and they will keep living when we will disappear

Webs of At-tent(s)ion, Tomás Saraceno, 2022. Photograph: Tomás Saraceno

Tomàs and Martha have called a meeting with a Sexual Liberationist cell near the studio in Argentina. They are sharing ideas but have run out of options. The population seems to have become caught up in a frenzy of militaristic aggression, tracking down and arresting sexual offenders, traitors to the cause: to The Cure, and Mother Spider.

Tomàs can hear the web’s music gradually increasing in tempo over the days. An eerie sound as the web responds to the global decrease in Orgone levels. Mother Spider herself is becoming agitated as her abdomen swells in preparation for spawning a once in a 3,000 year event for the Tasmanian Cave Spider.

Martha’s pregnancy is progressing rapidly, the baby, if that is what it is, seems to be kicking a lot, she has thought about abortion but it’s too late now anyway.

The global political situation is deteriorating globally as the First Information War gathers pace and populations fall rapidly, civil unrest increases, and camps proliferate for birthing and undesirables. The Cult of The Mother Spider grows with the promise of The Rapture.

OncoWeb Inc and it’s executive led by the obsessive Welch, the narcissist Paterson and the premillinarial extremist Jones, have focused entirely on growth profit, global expansion and The Cure for Cancer as well as the solution to widespread sexual immorality. Welch and Paterson are blind to the chaos, Jones sees it as evidence that The Tribulation predicted in the Book of Revelations has truly arrived.

OK so Tomàs thank you for coming maybe you can provide us with some background to start with? Tomàs hardly knows where to start. Martha prompts him. Maybe just explain how this has started Tomàs? It’s complicated but I start with the web and Orgone yes? Yes. OK, I will try to keep this simple but it’s complicated. Two things two strands of work come together. At the margins of disciplines where interesting things happen. Number one we have Reich a German psychoanalyst and his claim to have discovered the mysterious life force itself Orgone.

“Reich argued that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases, most prominently cancer, much as deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses in Freudian theory.”

Second we have my work with spider webs and especially the Tasmanian Cave Spider web. As you all know I’m an artist and explore how spider webs illustrate atmospheric patterns connections networks pollution and even give us clues as to the origin of the Universe itself. Reich was discredited and his research banned in the USA but a German team continued. They were experimenting different materials to try and detect and measure Orgone, the material bions that Reich had postulated in the 1940s.

These “bions,” self-luminescent sub-cellular vesicles he believed were observable in decaying materials and presumably present universally. Initially, he thought of bions as electrodynamic or radioactive entities.”

So again plausibly a kind of radioactive excess, or bion, is detectable by the web’s unique anti-Orgone static The researchers heard that scientists had discovered that spider webs were able to detect matter using the electrostatic charge that builds up within the web.

Thus spider silk may detect material objects.

“They found they could make the web strands electro-adhere to target objects made from metals, ceramics and polymers, thanks to the static electric field that arises between adjacent web strands when a high voltage is applied.”

In the meantime the German team wanted to see if a web could be used to detect Orgone.

What happened next was extraordinary as some of you know. Reich had theorized that a deficiency of Orgone was a cause of cancer and other diseases but it looks like he got that the wrong way round. Welch’s aggressive and widespread cancer was cured and totally regressed after contact with the Mother Spider. The German Scientists working on the Orgone project knew about this and were very excited and postulated that cancers were Orgone emitting tissues. Further cancers were cured by exposure to the Mother Spider and her web in a series of trials.

Sadly as we and you now know the Extraction also completely destroys the sexual faculty and even the capacity to care for the well-being of others or so it seems. It looks like the Mother Spider creates cancer-free love-free robots programmed to expand the empire of Mother Spider and The Cure. The scientists have suggested that the Mother Spider’s web is able to detect and extract something like Orgone from the body and that it is Orgone the Life Force. This proposed vital energy or life force is known under different names in different cultures, such as qi … prana, etheric energy, fohat, orgone, odic force, mana, and homeopathic resonance. At the same time Orgone is also necessary for the human orgasmic function and fertility the creation of new life so once extracted the now robotic programmed individual is also sexless and infertile. The perfect weapon just like Achilles’ myrmidons.

As you also know too well Welch set up the Hobart laboratory to exploit The Cure to create what has become the Beta Attentuation Mass Monitor Extraction machine. BAM-Ex. This was done with the aid of both the German researchers aiming to detect Orgone and Japanese scientists who had already developed artificial web for its incredibly high tensile strength. They incorporated Mother Spider web into their own artificial web structure and had a series of successful cancer extraction tests. The drawback if you want to call it that is that the BAM-Ex machine seems to be reliant on the Mother Spider still secreting her own web here in the studio. When the Mother Spider enters a period of dormancy once every six weeks for 24hrs the BAM-Ex Machines stop working.

Wow that’s some background. Incredible. Nightmare. So now what happens? Well it may be even worse, as we see across the world society is falling apart, populations are falling rapidly , countries are openly at war, it cannot be long until somebody uses the nuclear option, the population is losing its resistance to disease, and some people may even be developing arachnoid features. Martha feels her baby kicking, a lot, as if it has more than two legs.

Mother Spider is getting restless, making more music, swelling and may be getting ready to spawn. I am worried that if she does this may signal a massive increase in her anti-Orgone power threatening annhilation. Martha interrupts. Or maybe if the spiderlets cannabilise the Mother this could snuff out Anti-Orgone and shut down the BAM-Ex machines no? Maybe but I doubt it.

The human’s Excess, as life-force is Orgone rich because of the Death Drive. This is found only in humans. Humans have an unstable libido, and fragile easily damaged possibilities for caring. The human psyche has four possibilities – neurotic, psychotic, narcissistic or juridical. Each psychic structure responds differently to anti-Orgonic forces. The psychotic may even be immune so may even survive The Tribulation. Pure excess in the form of the narcissist is released like an atomic chain reaction.and destroys from within, the neurotic caring individual is transformed into the robotic juridicist who identifies with The Law, ‘is’ The Law itself obsessed with maximizing it’s implementation. These juridicists are now The Law of Anti-Orgone, the Spider Mother, The Cure. The pathologies of juridicism explicated by the philosopher Hegel have become endemic and pandemic of destruction.

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