“For example, in ancient India, it is written that a large spider wove the web that is our universe. She sits at the centre of the web, controlling things via the strings. In legend it is said she will one day devour the web/universe, and spin another in its place.”

Tomás, renowned artist and the Mother Spider’s original carer and inventor of BAM-Ex, is in Paris nearly at the end of his tour through mainland Europe. He gives a lecture on the newly discovered prehistoric Tasmanian Cave Spider, on its very special web, the origins of the universe, Beta Attenuation monitoring, and the first detection of the Life-Force itself Orgone.

But there is also controversy as Australian indigenous people are there to protest. They have warned of the dangers of disturbing the sacred universe-maker The Tasmanian Cave Spider revered for its wisdom and feared for its mischievousness. What the spider has given the spider can take away.

For Tomás this speaking tour is not just about the Tasmanian Cave Spider. He is also using it as a whistleblower, an opportunity to announce a call to arms for activists to resist the imminent global deployment of BAM-Ex. being marketed as The Cure of all Cancers.

Tomás acknowledges that BAM-Ex is an incredible scientific breakthrough of great importance – the long awaited Cure for Cancer and the existence of the life-force Orgone itself. But he and others are very concerned that the evidence from the scientific trials on its ability to cure all cancers have not released the data on side effects either to the relevant authorities or to the public. These side effects, Tomás knows, include total loss of libido, personality changes with obsessive traits, and impaired immunity. He fears BAM-Ex is being used intentionally to create social instability and undermine democratic forces globally.

Unbeknown to Tomás, Welch and Paterson are already rolling out a very successful global marketing campaign across the global north, western and NATO allied countries.

It may already be too late as Tomás explains: already eminent cancer clinicians on the board of the UK Cochrane Collaboration are on the payroll of the BAM-Ex board and have made sure it is cleared for approval by both the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the USA and the Medicines Regulatory Authority (MRA) in the UK.

Tomás and others have already formed a small group of activists, the Sexual Liberationist Movement (SLM), to highlight the harms and to resist mandatory BAM -Ex cancer extraction.

He has had conversations with Martha on video calls about the political role played by premillennial extremists who have infiltrated western governments as well as the BAM-Ex executive, and is looking forward to meeting her in Paris for dinner that evening. With her political and psychological expertise she will provide useful background for material to lobby parliament and the media.

Tomás has arrived at the Pompidou Centre in Paris to a flurry of photographers flashes and a few Aboriginal protesters. The tour has been going well and has captured the public imagination. He is aware that he is being closely monitored by agents of Welch and has already received anonymous death threats. Welch is only too aware of Tomás’s opposition to BAM-Ex and of the growing Sexual Liberationist Movement and is considering shutting him down, permanently. Tomás and the SLM will not be allowed to stand in the way of either The Cure or The Tribulation.

Tomás speaks with a gentle South American accent with its Spanish blends and rhythms. He begins by describing the place of the spider in the myths of ancient history and how these and the spiders’ webs have inspired him as an artist.

The spider is present in ancient origin myths, myths of morality, mischievousness and of trickery and of wisdom. The discovery of the Tasmanian Cave Spider deep in caves of Northern Tasmania was not received well by the indigenous Aborigine population. The aborigines have had a relationship with Mother Spider for thousands of years and revere her for her wisdom and are fearful of her trickery.

He describes the nature of the spider web itself and how Japanese scientists have developed artificial webs and how these can be enhanced using material from spiders’ natural webs and used in industry and even in medicine with its unusual combination of both flexibility and a tensile strength many times greater than steel. Australian researchers have been doing comparative work on spider webs, and have discovered webs are made of proteins called spidroins. The spidroins are newly discovered proteins and the spidroins of the Tasmanian Cave Spider have displayed unexpected and mysterious properties:

“Spider silk is basically made up of proteins called spidroins. We know spiders secrete it from a gland, but how this contributes to its toughness and flexibility, and even the way it is stored in the gland before being secreted, is still somewhat of a mystery. If we want to produce it, we need to understand it.–global-spider-silk-database-a-boon-for-biomateri

Tomás describes web architecture and how it takes advantage of tensions to create spring like traps for prey and how even the build up of electrostatic charges within the web can function to detect surface charges on foreign bodies of all kinds. And significantly he then emphasizes the very real possibility and even danger that some special webs may be able to extract the potential of human cancer and to detect the illusory life-force itself. The sacred Tasmanian Cave Spider’s web has detected The life force also known as Orgone or the élan vital for the first time in human history.

He goes on to talk about the way spider webs mimic or are a metaphor for lines of connections throughout space and how they may even provide clues to the origins of the universe. He has used web technology to create installations of web structures in three dimensions used to create music. He describes ways of using Beta Attenuation Mass (BAM) monitoring to capture visually particles of matter in the atmosphere including dust and even cosmic dust and how he has combined web and BAM technology to explore other invisible and as yet uncharacterised sources of energy as yet unknown to man.

Tomás describes in simple terms Reich’s psychoanalytic theories and research on the libido, Orgone, orgasmic intensity, and the life force itself and how BAM-Ex may have detected such a force unleashing unimaginable potential for a medical role in alleviating the impacts of excessive biological phenomena such as neoplasms and cancers, if not even The Cure for Cancer as some are claiming.

But he sounds a note of caution. As with the atomic and hydrogen nuclear programs the BAM-Ex technology has unimaginable power – the potential for both good as well as harm. He emphasizes how such power can be unpredictable and must be approached with great caution.

Tomás becomes urgent and animated:

Governments must act now to ensure such technology is not deployed without the most rigorous trials for safety and safeguards. It is simply unacceptable to offer this Cancer Extraction process if it renders people totally sexually disabled, impotent infertile and vulnerable to infection. It is my belief now that using the Tasmanian Cave Spider Web in BAM-Ex in the name of The Cure for Cancer is interfering with the human life-force itself and is dangerous for the whole of humanity. Premillennial extremist think tanks are manipulating public sentiment and influencing governments across the world, are using The Cure BAM-Ex to accelerate and foment international and civil unrest. We must act now before it is too late.

By now under the heat of the lights Tomás is sweating. He is tired. Most of the audience has been spellbound. Martha, in the audience, has been spellbound, by Tomás himself.

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