Chapter 16

To recap: Paterson, Professor Sir Roy, has had Victoria put away, Martha has been impregnated by Johnson who has died and she has escaped from birthing camp and gone to Argentina to be with Tomás. Her foetus may be spiderly. The BAM-Ex machine is being deployed internationally with massive civil unrest, infections, and extreme authoritarian laws, birthing and concentration camps, widespread pandemics of infectious disease, rapidly falling populations, human sacrifice to appease the anti-Christ and restrictions with brutal penalties for sexual immorality.

Paterson is beginning to experience his metamorphosis into a form of Mother Spider, whilst they are a long way away he can sense Aboriginal shamans praying and dreaming of spiderly furures and the end of the Universe. Paterson dreams of his cannibalisation by spiderlings.

He is becoming more depraved and sexually disinhibited. He demands to see mother spider on the pre-text of undergoing extraction but realizes she is a mortal danger to him and is determined to destroy her. He is rambling delusionally about being impregnated by Mother Spider. Welch and Jones fear he is becoming a threat to BAM-Ex itself.

All must be premillennials and In Christ now. Bizarrely the narcissist Paterson is now humanity’s only hope of (at least for now) resisting totalitarianism. He is becoming his own excess, embodied jouissance and starts to secrete Mother Spider’s web and spidroins.

Paterson is now secreting fine spidroidal web from every orifice and his skin is becoming stretchy and is also spidroidal. He dreams of being eaten by monstrous nipples and suffocated by cleavage in a sexual frenzy. He is sexually incontinent.

Welch the autocrat and Jones the premillenialist politician arrange to meet Paterson at the Orgone installation housing Mother Spider. With Welch’s assistance he subjects Jones to the sexualised Orgone test but Jones becomes erectand ejaculates. Jones fails. Paterson cannot bear to be in the presence of sexualised others.

Welch senses Paterson’s antagonism and can feels the mother spider’s demand for Paterson to be radically enraptured and consumed. Paterson is seized by Welch and clamped to a table. Victoria appears to Paterson as if in a nightmare in a surgeons gown with a scalpel fully breasted and takes his penis in her cleavage making him erect. His penis is bigger than ever. Spiderlets with gaping mouths start crawling over his body and into his orifices and start eating him from the inside out. As he shrinks and desiccates he is an agony of ecstasy and unstoppable ejaculations. Victoria cuts off his penis.

Welch stands by and smiles. He senses Mother Spider’s pleasure.

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