The Poisonous ‘test’ and our ‘Species Suicide’

The body is becoming an embodied commodity: ’tissue’ as materialisation of ‘objet a’ of the structure of discourse of the market as ‘flesh’ – ‘flesh’ being an abstraction for the excess resulting from the anthropological mutation, like an electron changing levels, as subjectivity is de-negated by lack of the Other, and becomes asocial, autoerotic, driven by a need to consume ‘flesh’, a process that finds some consummation in medical dia-gnosis that insists upon ‘flesh’ production for consumption as a necessary product of its framed logic, that subverts itself to ensure more ‘flesh’ is always, limitlessly, available (due to the Real of Normal being impossible and always just beyond the grasp of the test). So ‘flesh’ excites and is the excitement of the lack of Other in the market – the ‘test’ is the act of consummation that produces its materiality – ’tissue’. Flesh becomes Tissue. The fetish Flesh becomes Tissue through the human abstraction that is the form of Tissue Reality which is Pathology. We can only see Tissue as a form of Pathology – embodied and fantasised ‘flesh’ – the lack of Other insists Tissue becomes Flesh to attempt to provide satisfaction though this is never achieved.  The lack of Other Produces the subject’s uncanny perverted creaturelyness of Heidegger, is the subject of precarity of medicine produced by The Medical College and its scientists and its thanato-political,theranostic genomic enterprise and is the subject of perversion that ‘simply follows orders’ the bare subject, ‘homo sacer’. Which leads me on to wonder if genetic engineering is an authentic ‘act’ that will change our co-ordinates, by creating different life forms: a neo-humanity, will reframe the normal-pathology opposition into a non-life:life opposition, a new frame where biological non-life becomes the new demanded impossible that will materialise as a fantasy for ‘species-suicide’ – question might be: how will this manifest itself? Or is it already manifesting itself through the obvious destruction of us in our world. How will the expert/patient perverted subject-of-precarity use/be-used by this novel technologically demanded logic of enframement: non-life/life?

There are limits to thinking of genetic risk as ‘individual’ as opposed to population, especially given the genomic profiling with MammaPrint and BCtech🎧 and the obesity fingerprint being administered ‘free’ to the Obese on the NHS in Essex. What might aid understanding is a psycho-biopolitics of Neogenic Theranostics. Taking genetic engineering to the next level. Beyond Foucault? But how? There is not just a ‘political strategy to make life’ – “Be Alive!” Is a motif that provides one source of flesh and an angle for threats bribery and torture; but just one source; and the tool is ‘the test’ the ‘test-dia-gnostic’ (all the tools are ‘tests’ that demand and monitor and then act upon difference: hetero-genesis; one example of this is the ‘test-medical’ but there are also test-racial, test-gender, test-economic, test-benefit and there is a tactical polyvalency amongst these. In addition to a political strategy the ‘Be Alive!’ Motif is partly rocket-boosted by capital’s engendered lack of the Other of the discourse of the market. Which makes what was the desire to be loved by the other into an asocial and autoerotic fetishistic crazed cannabilistic orgy of neogenesis in which species-suicide is the dominant trope. The medical expertise is aiding and abetting this process by hiding behind a gated Cartesian cogito with its logic of mathematics and probability. This legitimises ‘expertise’, and securitizes/produces/responsibilises the (now creaturely, unbarred) subject ripe for the market.


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