“BLESSED are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”

Firstly a little orientation to my polemic. I’m working on the way decisions are made to invest in new medical technologies for the NHS. There is now good ‘evidence’ from health economists that the effectiveness of the health service is suffering and demand on services increasing because of the emphasis on innovation, profit and prevention.

Basically the focus on investing in innovative molecular biotechnology such as genetic testing for future risks of disease is draining resources out of not-for-profit health services like the NHS. This is in effect sacrificing the effectiveness of the NHS by imposing costs in order to enable industry to make profits. The tax payer is paying for the profits of industry in order to have less effective healthcare. Clearly a scandal. The authors of this are highly ‘respected’ authorities who appear to be meek and humble servants of ‘the people’ but in reality are more like servants of the God Profit!

In the context of an ongoing medical holocaust the biblical quotation sums up the ideological illusion of a capitalist medicine.
The meek is the confident, of sober judgement of his abilities, assertive and yet a servant of God – promoting the aspiration of a heaven on earth. Crucially, to be ‘meek’ is to be the servant of some God, or ideological fantasy. ‘Power under control.’ It describes an aspect of Foucault’s kind of subjectification.

Scientific governmentality is ‘meek’ under neoliberal controls promising a heaven on earth to its flock in a ‘humble manner’.

Scientific innovation is blessed by its God of Surplus Value. Ultimately narcissistic, a false humility – condemning the flock to an illusion based on the promise of surplus life on Earth. Condemning the poor in material wealth to be so much organic waste. Much like the industrial neoliberalism in the USA in the 1970s before the oil shocks, financial crisis and eventually Reagan’s radical deregulation of the molecular biotech industries, amply supported since by further neoliberal politicians such as the Clintons.

This is still a thanatopolitics but does not require sovereignty or sovereignty power but rather a capitalist ideology and its multiple contradictory and over determined systems of control where the really lived experience is based on the imaginary relations between people. (Althusser). And where The Law is not a religious God but is surplus value – where the primal father, ‘Le Non du Père’ demands a taboo: Thou shall NOT ‘Sacrifice PROFIT OR sacrifice Impotence of USE VALUE’ Where impotence refers to the need for capital to make profit in a process that causes healthcare to become impotent. Financial Power for the few through ‘meekness’ becomes material impotence of the health services for the many.

Financial power needs ‘good’ foot-soldiers to meekly and humbly administer this power ‘as servant to Capital’ in the name of preserving life but in fact wasting life itself. This is a psychic structure of anxiety and radical uncertainty, a discourse of the University. Some may see a capitalist discourse or a psychotic discourse in which the truth of the subject of capitalism becomes the object of consumption – of his own Bíos represented by his organic body and its deorganised recombinant genome, suffering a lack of lack – a perverse certainty in a sadomasochistic relation to his subjectivity. In the UK NICE aided by EBM and clinicians provides the humble foot soldiers and the meek leaders in this unholy assault on ‘the other’, the ‘patient’ subaltern – the patient patient waiting for heaven on earth but doomed to disappointment, to neglect.

The taboo is also an internal contradiction waiting to crash – every financial profit made involves a loss of the use-value of public healthcare – the masses are suffering a preventive medical carpet bombing of Vietnam like proportions, and billions of paupers yet to kill. This medical holocaust will go on for a long time yet.

Apparent meekness in a foot soldier may mask a narcissistic self regard whilst being praised as ‘good leadership’ – this meekness is always a servant to some God. Ask what God is this apparent meekness serving? Cui Bono?

There shall be no limits to the costs imposed on the health service to forgo health gains. NO ‘Incremental Cost and Effectiveness Sacrifice Threshold’ no InCEST.

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