Middle East – an outsider’s view from the UK

Middle East

I must confess, I’m a white male older middle aged academic type, of British and Irish citizenship, inclined to distrust the British government, politicians and the media. I believe that politics is firmly in the grip of international business, and by this I don’t mean Jews. Just capitalists. 

The Middle East conflicts seem to be escalating and heralding  a major clash between the US and Russia, which could annhilate us all.  Israel will no doubt see fit soon to re visit Gaza as well.  

This whole Middle East scenario is massively confusing, and we are fed all sorts of propaganda, so that in the end it is tempting to just throw up our hands and give in to uneasy confusion. But the least we can do is to expect that lies and hypocrisy from our own parliament will be challenged. 

The targeting of the Assad government, i.e. particular ‘this’ Assad government, only makes sense if it is seen as part of a western backed corporate attempt to secure future business by ‘piggy-backing’ onto a Shia Sunni war, and wahabist expansionism.  It only make sense in this interpretation because there seems to be no sense otherwise that can explain why, for example, the western powers did not call for a no fly zone over Gaza during the last ‘mowing of the grass’ in which many children were killed in war crimes. Or, for example, that could explain why there has been no call for a no fly zone over Yemen, in the midst of a criminal acts of murderous proportions. If Assad is a tyrant responsible for a popular Arab uprising, by his cruelty to minorities, then that is of concern, but could, as with other nations, be addressed through non-violent means, which could include pressure to stop the flow of arms to ISIS elements in Syria. It is difficult to know whether the military opposition to Assad in Syria is led by ISIS, or so called moderate (and by implication therefore, justifiable) rebel resistance. If ISIS is involved – and if ISIS has the destructive and expansionist ideology claimed for it then it would be reasonable to attempt to starve it of military power. 

One thing though, in and amongst the swamp of lies that is dragging us down to global destruction, the swamp is particularly nauseating here, at home, where the government, ‘in our name’ speaks in the already discredited voice of warmongers like Boris Johnson, pontificating in parliament as if he were some kind of latter day Churchill. His, and parliament’s pathetic debate on Syria, its deceptive manipulation of the narratives sold to the public, is what makes me really angry. According to ‘our’ parliament – Assad is the only villain, and Russia the ‘pariah’, talk of diplomacy is ridiculed, talk of Israel/Saudi US/NATO war crimes treated as treasonable. Only a corporate global kind of banking war (perhaps mainly over energy raw materials), piggy backing onto a Shia/Sunni and wahabist uprising, can explain this degree of hypocrisy. 

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