Gaza killings

Amnesty International have called for an arms embargo on Israel (as well as on armed Palestinian groups). In other words, for example, the U.K. (and the USA etc.) should stop selling arms to Israel.

This is because of the irrefutable video evidence that Israeli snipers are deliberately killing unarmed protesters in Gaza.

The protesters are Arab/Palestinian refugees enclosed in a strip of land on the western, mediterranean coast of what is now called Israel. They were put there, or driven there, in the late 1940s early 50s after Zionist militia massacred many Palestinians in order to take their land – a disaster called the Nakba.

The protesters are protesting their right to return to the villages of their origin as they are entitled to do under International law – having fled conflict – and being now displaced from what is rightfully, legally, theirs, their homes.

[on the 11th of December, 1948, the UN General Assembly resolution 194 recognized the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and this resolution, seventeen years later, has been reaffirmed more than a hundred times since, and more than any other resolution in UN history.]

Many UK politicians turn a blind eye to these murders saying Israel is our ‘friend’ and a ‘democracy’ – this is sheer hypocrisy. Motivated by a thirst for power and domination of the Middle East.

Just imagine if Assad, or Kim Jong Un, or the Chinese were doing this. The outrage would be in the headlines of the mainstream media.

What can we do? Perhaps consider writing to your MP – ask them what they are doing about this.

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