Disturbing Hebron February 2020

February 23rd 2020

Two very disturbing images in Hebron today. The most disturbing by far is the apartheid checkpoint at checkpoint 160, or Salaymeh; the second, less disturbing but pretty strange was this goat. After the school run we had a call to say that soldiers had invaded a house in the Old City in order to gain access to the roof. Unfortunately, we went backwards and forwards and in circles in the midst of a communications failure between us and ISM, and their activist J. who by now as having coffee with the family who apparently were unperturbed by the soldiers on their roof.

See video here


To cut a long story short we didn’t find the soldiers but we did find a small herd of these feisty goats in a small alleyway in the souk being somewhat nonchalantly sheperded, if that’s the right word, by an older guy sat on a chair. Around us children played asking Paul to take their photos and chanting football anthems at us.

Later we discover that the Israeli PM Netanyahu is visiting the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba today – and apparently has promised the settlers sovereignty over the (whole of) the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which is also the Al Ibrahim mosque and a very holy site for Islam globally. One might imagine that Netanyahu is wanting to incite a holy conflagration, which would act as a justification for intensifying the oppression.

PS today 25th Feb the media confirm Netanyahu’s pledge to give sovereignty over the Al Ibrahimi mosque to the Zionists.

See article: here

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