The anti-lockdown brigade and totalitarian threats

In the UK the anti-lockdown brigade (eg Hitchens of the Daily Mail) rightly see in authoritarian Lockdown measures the potential for totalitarianism and its xenophobic consequences. They point to China as an example, and as a regime to be reviled. What, I think, they fail to see, or admit, is the even more severe totalitarian potential in the kind of ultra-libertarian individualism they advocate that: a) is causing very significant excess deaths, and rising, from Covid; b) creates a mass psyche that believes it is ‘free’ whilst it is destroying itself; and c) sustains the fantasy of a caring government whose power and entitlement thrives on the cultivation of envy, and on social division. In this moment it is this more severe totalitarian threat, of apparently caring libertarianism, that is exacerbating the Covid crisis. A moral response is to value the lives of those that could be saved by Lockdown Plus, where the Plus refers to financial support (UBI) for those affected to minimize the collateral harms of Lockdown

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