Lockdown Scepticism may have its roots in white capitalist supremacism

https://youtu.be/fayeKcjnDNELord Sumption in May 2020

Something in here about disavowing, or eliding:

a)    The increased risk for vulnerable groups of people who are not very old, the poor and BAME minorities

b)   The value of the lives lost ‘prematurely’

c)    The power of the state to do more to alleviate the harms of lockdown

d)   The uncertainty about the levels of risk involved for different age groups and mortality rates,

e)    The sheer lack of ‘grown up’ ‘sophistication’ inherent in our subjectivisation by oppressive systems;

f)     The supremacism and privilege of being wealthy and well educated, so that his risk are much less than those taken by poorer, vulnerable and BAME groups.

Lord Sumption’s lockdown scepticism and his instinctive libertarian agenda is a white supremacist license to exploit others and to cull the weakest, and it hides an authoritarian sovereignty behind a neoliberal agenda. It sounds Hayekian: it seems to value the natural traditional authentic way things have developed: into runaway deregulated capitalism, which just happens to be to the advantage of people like him. 

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