Identifying with or following the law: the totalitarian psyche and the extraordinary slaves

As a rule self-sense is constituted via the imagined demand of a Big Other to follow the Big Other’s (or symbolic Father’s) Law. This constitution involves what in psychoanalytic terms is called castration. It enables the individual to achieve a degree of stability for identity and to be able to repress his knowledge that in reality, at base, he is without identity: a subjective void.

As a rule one follows the law, but as Vadolas has suggested it may be possible for some, with a totalitarian psyche, to identify with the law

To identify with the Law: is to think that one’s self, in one’s being, IS the Law, and this excludes the role of the imagined (lacking) Other/Father/Master in constructing the sense of self or identity.

But when this Law is fascist/sociopathic, is decreed by a Master of Fascism (the ‘ideal-type’ narcissist), then identification with this law produces the Totalitarian psyche. What’s at stake here is a) following a Law, versus b) being that Law.

Two questions:

1. What is the implication for the discourse structure for the individual – in the social context where this Law has effects?

2. Is this the same for the perverse narcissistic psyche?

To BE the Law, and to reject castration, (is to confront the death drive and it’s void and the danger of the (m)other). This isn’t a simple perversion as it were (if this isn’t a misnomer) because the totalitarian psyche is given the Law to follow – he is a follower. He does not make the Law up for himself. He may believe his thoughts to be as good as empirical evidence for determining particular effective truths and therefore for determining actions to serve those truths – that is, he may be a radical empiricist/pragmatist.

Whilst there may be classical slaves for totalitarianism, those who are uneasy but still obey the totalitarian law; conversely the totalitarian psyche may have a perverse psyche that identifies with the Totalitarian Master’s Law and could be described as an extraordinary-slave. These totalitarian followers or extraordinary slaves of totalitarianism would be the ones that appears to have no doubt or uneasiness, to be dogmatic and certain and over zealous, to always go a destructive step further and always seem to ‘enjoy’ destruction and for destruction to spur them on to even great destruction. I don’t know if this level of extremism is a rarity or not. This psyche does not think but only is. He is where he does not think, as Lacan pointed out. This means he is not amenable to reason or argument, and (perhaps like the psychotic) may not be analyzable. Imagination does not play a role in the constitution of his psyche. Classically the Law he follows consists of extreme levels of destructive racism, ultra-nationalism, patriotism and/or religiosity.

The Master-Fascist may, perhaps, NOT be a perverse narcissist. But also may be. He may also be a libidinal, classical, Master

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