Narcissistic Perversion, the capitalist discourse and the totalitarian psyche.

Whilst barbarism predates capitalism, and the pre-secular psyche was dominated by a transcendent Master (of the Gods and religions) and immortality (a form of surplus-value) via sacrifice, capitalism with its immanent and earthly source of immortality (profit, surplus-value via the surprisingly compliant and enslaved – and earthly – waged labour-force) may manifest a different kind of barbarism: possibly a barbarism directed, in the end, at the ‘self’; wherein the self (and castration) is rejected in favor of its replacement by lack posing as Master.

This is consistent with the (impossible fifth) capitalist discourse, of Lacan)

impossible, perhaps, in the sense that it leads to self-destruction and the death of humanity. It is also consistent with a psychic structure (structure may be too strong a word) for narcissistic perversion.

If capitalism (neoliberal economic radical empiricism), incites a turn to narcissistic perversion, it may also incite a turn to bureaucratic perversion – the rejection of castration in favor of both radical disavowal of the unconscious and self-instrumentalised identification with the law (as in an Eichmann like radical banality of evil): the Totalitarian psyche.

Is capitalism responsible for a ‘strict’ law inciting fascism and a demand for racist destruction of the other? Possibly, yes, because the fantasy of endless economic-growth, limitless personal wealth and even immortality, structures the capitalist psyche of today, and demands, strictly, exploitation and consumption.

Capitalism is a Strict Master: strict, in that:

◦ It bans dissent (mainstream media obeisance to the billionaire oligarchy)

◦ Controls the public psyche (advertising)

◦ is hyperbolic (the empty signifier ‘Growth’ dominates public/political discourse)

◦ Threatens with nameless punishments without end – destitution and exile

◦ Preaches xenophobia – the worthlessness of the economically non-productive unemployed and elderly, and hatred of the foreigner.

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