Mmm … delicious Martha murmurs softly into Victoria’s ear as they lay curled into each other, warm sweaty and naked. It’s early morning and birds are singing as sunlight streams in. It’s cold outside.

Sexually sated they eventually rise and breakfast in their dressing gowns, toast jam and strong coffee. Enjoying a post orgasmic clitoral glow Martha consumes Victoria’s legs and partially exposed buttocks as she bends forward to get milk from the fridge. So, what about this then? Martha enquires in a sympathetic tone. She picks up then drops an envelope on the table. A tension sits between them. Victoria has already (half) hidden two invitations for breast cancer screening but Martha has intercepted the third. I don’t know I can’t face even thinking about it. Martha persuaded Victoria. It’s a good thing Victoria, earlier found soonest mended. Now Martha had told her to go. So she’d go. I’m not scared of cancer itself. I can’t bear just not knowing. Martha knows best. OK I’ll go I promise.

Victoria set off for work, a nurse practitioner in the local STD clinic, identifying Gonnorheal spirochetes and the like under the microscope and counselling anxious clients about their tests and test results.

Victoria is full of uncertainty. She retains elements of the premillenialist Plymouth Brethren worldview from her upbringing. And this despite eventually being effectively ‘excommunicated’ for the sin of sexual immorality and ‘escaping’ the community after meeting and falling in love with Martha.

Martha, born of radical socialists embodies Victoria’s antithesis in many ways. The truth is Victoria unconsciously still adheres to values of The Brethren’s premillenialist worldview and belief in solo scriptura – the literal interpretation of the Bible. She knows, at least consciously, how ridiculous this is, after all ‘The Bible and Colonialism’- A Moral Critique, by Michael Prior, for her, convincingly debunks the myth of the Bible as anything but an inconsistent factually flawed human construction built over many decades to justify religious political and economic power. Despite this conscious knowledge she still feels deep down she is committing a Sin to go for cancer screening, interfering with God’s Will and intentions for her. After all the Brethren teaches that, as per the scriptures, disease is often the price paid for sinfulness and to try to preempt disease is surely to go against the will of God.

Once the room has quietened and peace reigns Martha exasperated takes a deep breath re-focuses her thoughts and returns to her PhD: The Twentieth Century History and Political Consequences of Christian Premillennialism. The current chapter focuses on the Premillennialism influence on UK policy on abortion, transgender identity and Heroin addiction. In particular she is following up links she has found to a Conservative Party organization Cornerstone chaired by the MP the Rt Hon Ian Duncan Jones. Jones is a member of the UK Government party executive and shares close ties to the True Believers Christian Premillennialists in the USA and elsewhere.

Martha is using Nester Webster’s theories (the ‘Grand Dame of conspiracy theories’ of the 1920s who adapted religious premillenialist sources to develop a basis for secular fascist ideology) to help her understand right-wing fascist ideologies.

Martha had noticed a small lump in Victoria’s left breast a couple of weeks ago but had been frightened to mention it for fear of Victoria’s hysterical response. So the screening appointment seemed a godsend.

Martha went with Victoria to the appointment. Victoria winced as her small breasts were squeezed between the plates for the x-ray. Sure enough as Martha had hoped the nurse detected the lump as well and Victoria was asked to re-attend for an appointment with the breast surgeon a Miss Strang. They returned home. After a long silence. I’ve got cancer haven’t I? Victoria claimed more than questioned. trying to hold in tears and sobbing. You don’t know that. I do I have otherwise why do I have to see a surgeon. You don’t they’re just being on the safe side, you just need to wait and see what the surgeon says. This cut no ice with Victoria who was inconsolable and shrugged away Martha’s comforting hug.

We’ll need to do a biopsy to be sure … Victoria’s heart sank another notch … but I doubt if it’s anything too serious. Too serious Christ Almighty Victoria thought. These words felt like a hammer blow, she felt pure dread and apprehension.


Chapter 16

To recap: Paterson, Professor Sir Roy, has had Victoria put away, Martha has been impregnated by Johnson who has died and she has escaped from birthing camp and gone to Argentina to be with Tomás. Her foetus may be spiderly. The BAM-Ex machine is being deployed internationally with massive civil unrest, infections, and extreme authoritarian laws, birthing and concentration camps, widespread pandemics of infectious disease, rapidly falling populations, human sacrifice to appease the anti-Christ and restrictions with brutal penalties for sexual immorality.

Paterson is beginning to experience his metamorphosis into a form of Mother Spider, whilst they are a long way away he can sense Aboriginal shamans praying and dreaming of spiderly furures and the end of the Universe. Paterson dreams of his cannibalisation by spiderlings.

He is becoming more depraved and sexually disinhibited. He demands to see mother spider on the pre-text of undergoing extraction but realizes she is a mortal danger to him and is determined to destroy her. He is rambling delusionally about being impregnated by Mother Spider. Welch and Jones fear he is becoming a threat to BAM-Ex itself.

All must be premillennials and In Christ now. Bizarrely the narcissist Paterson is now humanity’s only hope of (at least for now) resisting totalitarianism. He is becoming his own excess, embodied jouissance and starts to secrete Mother Spider’s web and spidroins.

Paterson is now secreting fine spidroidal web from every orifice and his skin is becoming stretchy and is also spidroidal. He dreams of being eaten by monstrous nipples and suffocated by cleavage in a sexual frenzy. He is sexually incontinent.

Welch the autocrat and Jones the premillenialist politician arrange to meet Paterson at the Orgone installation housing Mother Spider. With Welch’s assistance he subjects Jones to the sexualised Orgone test but Jones becomes erectand ejaculates. Jones fails. Paterson cannot bear to be in the presence of sexualised others.

Welch senses Paterson’s antagonism and can feels the mother spider’s demand for Paterson to be radically enraptured and consumed. Paterson is seized by Welch and clamped to a table. Victoria appears to Paterson as if in a nightmare in a surgeons gown with a scalpel fully breasted and takes his penis in her cleavage making him erect. His penis is bigger than ever. Spiderlets with gaping mouths start crawling over his body and into his orifices and start eating him from the inside out. As he shrinks and desiccates he is an agony of ecstasy and unstoppable ejaculations. Victoria cuts off his penis.

Welch stands by and smiles. He senses Mother Spider’s pleasure.


“For example, in ancient India, it is written that a large spider wove the web that is our universe. She sits at the centre of the web, controlling things via the strings. In legend it is said she will one day devour the web/universe, and spin another in its place.”

Tomás, renowned artist and the Mother Spider’s original carer and inventor of BAM-Ex, is in Paris nearly at the end of his tour through mainland Europe. He gives a lecture on the newly discovered prehistoric Tasmanian Cave Spider, on its very special web, the origins of the universe, Beta Attenuation monitoring, and the first detection of the Life-Force itself Orgone.

But there is also controversy as Australian indigenous people are there to protest. They have warned of the dangers of disturbing the sacred universe-maker The Tasmanian Cave Spider revered for its wisdom and feared for its mischievousness. What the spider has given the spider can take away.

For Tomás this speaking tour is not just about the Tasmanian Cave Spider. He is also using it as a whistleblower, an opportunity to announce a call to arms for activists to resist the imminent global deployment of BAM-Ex. being marketed as The Cure of all Cancers.

Tomás acknowledges that BAM-Ex is an incredible scientific breakthrough of great importance – the long awaited Cure for Cancer and the existence of the life-force Orgone itself. But he and others are very concerned that the evidence from the scientific trials on its ability to cure all cancers have not released the data on side effects either to the relevant authorities or to the public. These side effects, Tomás knows, include total loss of libido, personality changes with obsessive traits, and impaired immunity. He fears BAM-Ex is being used intentionally to create social instability and undermine democratic forces globally.

Unbeknown to Tomás, Welch and Paterson are already rolling out a very successful global marketing campaign across the global north, western and NATO allied countries.

It may already be too late as Tomás explains: already eminent cancer clinicians on the board of the UK Cochrane Collaboration are on the payroll of the BAM-Ex board and have made sure it is cleared for approval by both the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the USA and the Medicines Regulatory Authority (MRA) in the UK.

Tomás and others have already formed a small group of activists, the Sexual Liberationist Movement (SLM), to highlight the harms and to resist mandatory BAM -Ex cancer extraction.

He has had conversations with Martha on video calls about the political role played by premillennial extremists who have infiltrated western governments as well as the BAM-Ex executive, and is looking forward to meeting her in Paris for dinner that evening. With her political and psychological expertise she will provide useful background for material to lobby parliament and the media.

Tomás has arrived at the Pompidou Centre in Paris to a flurry of photographers flashes and a few Aboriginal protesters. The tour has been going well and has captured the public imagination. He is aware that he is being closely monitored by agents of Welch and has already received anonymous death threats. Welch is only too aware of Tomás’s opposition to BAM-Ex and of the growing Sexual Liberationist Movement and is considering shutting him down, permanently. Tomás and the SLM will not be allowed to stand in the way of either The Cure or The Tribulation.

Tomás speaks with a gentle South American accent with its Spanish blends and rhythms. He begins by describing the place of the spider in the myths of ancient history and how these and the spiders’ webs have inspired him as an artist.

The spider is present in ancient origin myths, myths of morality, mischievousness and of trickery and of wisdom. The discovery of the Tasmanian Cave Spider deep in caves of Northern Tasmania was not received well by the indigenous Aborigine population. The aborigines have had a relationship with Mother Spider for thousands of years and revere her for her wisdom and are fearful of her trickery.

He describes the nature of the spider web itself and how Japanese scientists have developed artificial webs and how these can be enhanced using material from spiders’ natural webs and used in industry and even in medicine with its unusual combination of both flexibility and a tensile strength many times greater than steel. Australian researchers have been doing comparative work on spider webs, and have discovered webs are made of proteins called spidroins. The spidroins are newly discovered proteins and the spidroins of the Tasmanian Cave Spider have displayed unexpected and mysterious properties:

“Spider silk is basically made up of proteins called spidroins. We know spiders secrete it from a gland, but how this contributes to its toughness and flexibility, and even the way it is stored in the gland before being secreted, is still somewhat of a mystery. If we want to produce it, we need to understand it.–global-spider-silk-database-a-boon-for-biomateri

Tomás describes web architecture and how it takes advantage of tensions to create spring like traps for prey and how even the build up of electrostatic charges within the web can function to detect surface charges on foreign bodies of all kinds. And significantly he then emphasizes the very real possibility and even danger that some special webs may be able to extract the potential of human cancer and to detect the illusory life-force itself. The sacred Tasmanian Cave Spider’s web has detected The life force also known as Orgone or the élan vital for the first time in human history.

He goes on to talk about the way spider webs mimic or are a metaphor for lines of connections throughout space and how they may even provide clues to the origins of the universe. He has used web technology to create installations of web structures in three dimensions used to create music. He describes ways of using Beta Attenuation Mass (BAM) monitoring to capture visually particles of matter in the atmosphere including dust and even cosmic dust and how he has combined web and BAM technology to explore other invisible and as yet uncharacterised sources of energy as yet unknown to man.

Tomás describes in simple terms Reich’s psychoanalytic theories and research on the libido, Orgone, orgasmic intensity, and the life force itself and how BAM-Ex may have detected such a force unleashing unimaginable potential for a medical role in alleviating the impacts of excessive biological phenomena such as neoplasms and cancers, if not even The Cure for Cancer as some are claiming.

But he sounds a note of caution. As with the atomic and hydrogen nuclear programs the BAM-Ex technology has unimaginable power – the potential for both good as well as harm. He emphasizes how such power can be unpredictable and must be approached with great caution.

Tomás becomes urgent and animated:

Governments must act now to ensure such technology is not deployed without the most rigorous trials for safety and safeguards. It is simply unacceptable to offer this Cancer Extraction process if it renders people totally sexually disabled, impotent infertile and vulnerable to infection. It is my belief now that using the Tasmanian Cave Spider Web in BAM-Ex in the name of The Cure for Cancer is interfering with the human life-force itself and is dangerous for the whole of humanity. Premillennial extremist think tanks are manipulating public sentiment and influencing governments across the world, are using The Cure BAM-Ex to accelerate and foment international and civil unrest. We must act now before it is too late.

By now under the heat of the lights Tomás is sweating. He is tired. Most of the audience has been spellbound. Martha, in the audience, has been spellbound, by Tomás himself.


The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun (Rev. 12 1-4) – William Blake

Martha was two years into her PhD into American history of the links between Christian Evangelism and conspiracist extremism on the Christian Far right.

Have you ever read the Book of Revelations? Did you even know it exists, is part of the official Catholic and Anglican canons but not of Eastern Orthodoxy? Did you know the term premillennial was coined by Protestants inspired by the French Revolution who viewed it as direct evidence of The Tribulation predicted by the Book of Revelations. Did you know right-wing extremist terror groups today are killing policemen in Australia in the name of Christian premillennialism ? Is that scary? It is? It is. Have you heard of the Futurists?

Lecture by Martha in London 2023

She had come across the theories of Nester Webster. In a paper by Ruotsili she read:

“Webster’s theories came increasingly to be appropriated not just by fascist and proto-fascist groups but, from the 1930s onwards, also by a range of respectable premillennialist clergy. It looks as if she may have tried to counter fascism? But her theories ended up being co-opted by premillenialists for their own ends.”

Markku Ruotsila (2004) Mrs Webster’s religion: conspiracist extremism on the Christian far right, Patterns of Prejudice, 38:2, 109-126

This meant of course that present day extremist premillenialists are also conspiracy theorists and see the work of the anti-Christ as necessary Evil manifest in such events as global viral pandemics, climate change, globalized warfare and militarism, and as de facto evidence of The Tribulation at hand. They work tirelessly to spread the word, and to foment violence and destruction to hasten the coming of The Rapture. The Rapture when those ‘in Christ’ will be saved and will rise from the dead for a 1000 year reign of peace and prosperity.

Martha was alone and lonely since Victoria had left suddenly and very unexpectedly after her cancer diagnosis and so-called treatments with Paterson. It seemed to Martha as if Victoria had been almost abducted and brainwashed by some kind of cult. This resonated peculiarly with her own research on the cult of extreme premillennialism except Victoria’s cult focused on The Cure and increasingly the criminalization of sex itself: sexual immorality.

Come to think of it, Martha had been thinking, maybe the two are linked: premillennialism and The Cure. She had become aware of increasing premillennial influences infiltrating central UK government and its think tanks with high ranking UK politicians no longer hiding their support for so-called right wing Christian Textualists such as Christian Zionists. This might explain why figures such as Iain Duncan Jones the deputy PM were so vociferous in their pursuit of The Cure and the need for more stringent sexual morality.

Ian Duncan Jones UK politician and cabinet member was the leading light in a secretive think tank, the Cure for Cancer Group, CCG, largely funded by right wing premillennial Christian extremists. A premillennial cell had been responsible for the recent shooting of police officers investigating reports of a missing man in Wiembilla Queensland. To Martha this felt like a watershed moment. If such extremists viewed police as evil – presumably on the grounds they were for example by enforcing vaccination mandates – and were also influencing western government thinking – then how long would it be before governments formally adopted their ideology and their terroristic violent methods co-opting the police and military to their own ends.

Martha knew full well that many in government and especially Jones, were also in favor of allowing the Corona virus to spread, through so-called herd immunity, regarded as ‘taking it on the chin’ and seeing it as a necessary culling of the weakest in society, a kind of Darwinian genetic selection and as progress.

Martha was still grieving over Victoria’s sudden departure. Victoria had been scared of cancer screening and had even hidden at least two letters of invitation behind sofa cushions until Martha came across the third and persuaded her to go. Screening is a good thing Martha had said The earlier they catch cancer the better. Now of course Martha regretted the whole thing. Although the hospital report had come back as ‘borderline’ and suggested a ‘wait and see’ approach Paterson had insisted cancer was already present and had urged both The Cure and the bilateral mastectomy. Victoria had been only to willing to go along with Paterson even demanding more organs be excised uterus ovaries even large bowel. She hadn’t been the same since seeing Paterson, totally obsessed with Paterson and The Cure, even being hired as Paterson’s PA and totally rejecting Martha.

As awareness of The Cure spread, so premillennial ideology also spread, along with conspiracy theories, gaining wider acceptance, blaming and attacking billionaires likes Gates and Musk, other wealthy capitalists, communists, Muslims and Jews. Civil unrest, violent protest and racially motivated attacks become more and more frequent.

So it came as no surprise to Martha when she heard that there had been a political coup in the UK, parliament had been prorogued and martial law imposed and new and severe penalties for failures to adhere to strict sexual morality laws and mandatory programs administering The Cure were announced. Martha heard that Tomás Saraceno was expressing concern about the side effects of The Cure, particularly the impotence and vulnerability to infection whilst giving a series of talks in mainland Europe. She emailed him in the vague hope he might provide some glimmer of hope if not optimism. She too was becoming frightened, she had been summoned for her BAM-Ex extraction.

Martha approached Victoria one last time. What have you done Victoria? Martha pleaded quietly. Victoria shrugged coldly and just walked away. Martha sank to her knees, it was over. Heartbroken and more needy than ever. For some reason she thought of Tomás, she’d never met him face to face, but would very much like to. That night she dreamt and Tomás was in that dream and she woke up with an appetite.


in ancient India, it is written that a large spider wove the web that is our universe. She sits at the centre of the web, controlling things via the strings. In legend it is said she will one day devour the web/universe, and spin another in its place.”

In Ovid’s Greek myth Arachne was to be hanged for challenging Minerva but the hang rope was turned into a web and she became a spider.

In a teaching hospital in central London Professor Sir Roy Paterson is king of all he surveys, challenged by none to his face, and despised as a poseur behind his back. A duplicitous, ruthless but fast and efficient surgeon with a burgeoning private practice and a specialist in breast cancer surgery. Since BAM-Ex the need for all cancer surgeries has declined rapidly especially in the public sector. In the lucrative private sector however there is a growing demand for prophylactic organ excisions despite BAM-Ex, from already Extracted women now juridically obsessed with the need to ‘go above and beyond’ in their desire to rule out any possibility of future malignancies.

Paterson assumes a Napoleonic demeanor as he self-consciously marches along the echoey domed underground tunnels between hospital wings under Taviton and Gower Street followed by his entourage of junior doctors and students. He climbs the marbled stairs between floors at pace eschewing the lifts with an air of disdain. He is wearing a starched detachable pure white collar a studded white shirt and impeccably knotted Oxford tie. A dark suit and black polished shoes completed the uniform. Though his hair is thinning on top, and he is short at 5ft four and wearing thick heavily rimmed spectacles he still oozes malice of imminent crushing sarcasm and superiority. He gives his juniors and students short shrift, abrupt and bullying. With his patients he is charm personified, a duplicitous charm as he watches closely and gazed at arousing cleavage licking his lips and clicking his tongue over the opportunities for more excision.

The loyal and devoted Victoria has become Paterson’s PA in his private and very exclusive Walpole St Breast Cancer Clinic. The clinic is frequented by visitors from all around the world anxious to be ‘fully’ cured of cancers by the best money can buy. However she is concerned. She has noticed a gradual change in Paterson’s appearance and behaviour. Once the epitome of polished he is becoming uncharacteristically slipshod. Increasingly his clothes seem to sag on him, he shuffles and appears unshaven baggy-eyed and distracted. She cannot help but notice with some disgust it must be said his almost constant erection. Please forgive me Professor but I’m worried about you you’re not looking too well. Don’t be ridiculous I’m fine. Gruffly with a stern look. She persists as she has other more serious concerns about him. I know I’m probably over anxious but, please forgive me The Extraction Professor how was it, how … have you been for The Extraction Professor? He glares through his spectacles with anger. What the fuck are you going on about you stupid dim witted moron. But …. No no blasted buts now just fuck off. But she won’t just fuck she is Rhe Cure embodied and she knows he hasn’t been Extracted, his erections are enough proof. It’s simply The Law which must be obeyed and so her warrior-duty or dharma to monitor him more closely intensively regardless of the risks to her.

She witnesses his gradual transformation, hairiness, shuffling, a strange smell, flickering gaze, hissing, clacking and eating flies, even spinning a kind of web that trails behind him.

Finally her spying maneuvers pay off and she sure that he is sexually active when She spies him through the keyhole in his study. He is bending over his latest patient who seems to be strapped to the couch, his trouser and pants are down she is tied down and he has clamped her nipples and stuffed something in her mouth. He is wearing a bra and making grunting noises whilst jerking his erect penis up and down in her lubricated cleavage waiting for the pearl necklace to appear. Which appears and Victoria jumps back vindicated and horrified.

His study contains glass cases of excised nipples – the phobic object itself – representing woman and the phallic mother. There is a portrait on the wall of his hero Vincenz Czerny who was

“one of the early surgeons to perform a breast surgery, and believed the aesthetics of cleavage to be a sign of symmetry and hence beauty.“

Vincenz Czerny 1842-1915

Paterson takes more risks and becomes more bullish then ever even as his health deteriorates. Women even Extracted women still flock to him anxious to be doubly and trebly sure they are and always will be cancer free.

Paterson accelerates his program of sexual adventures and experiments in the camps for undesirables those denied BAM-E because of their cancers, crimes poverty or ethnicity. He performs increasingly bizarre sexual acts and cancer-with-sparing sparing surgeries (even so-called underboob sparing surgery as his fetish tastes expand) and injects bits of cancerous tissue back into the wounds to incite recurrence so that he can watch the cancers come back and eventually enjoy their painful death.

His behaviour is a serious crime against the state. Without telling him Victoria determinedly reports him to the local Sexual Morality Militia who consult higher authorities who nervously refer the matter still higher. His pre-eminence (plus his knowledge of the peccadilloes of the likes of vice premier Jones) provides him with immunity. Instead with a certain inevitability it is Victoria who is picked up in a black Mariah outside the clinic, convicted of vexatious intent to disrupt the peace and sent to one of the camps for the sexually incontinent and cancer-ful, deep in the Surrey Hills where the average life expectancy is less than six months and where abuse of all kinds is rife.

The underboob cleavage had become an element of Paterson’s fetish.

“In 2008, Armand Limnander wrote in The New York Times the “underboob” (also known as “bottom cleavage” and “reverse cleavage”) was “a newly fetishized anatomical zone where the lower part of the breast meets the torso, popularized by 80s rock chicks in cutoff tank tops.”

I challenge you not to feel aroused at the sight of a deep cleavage. He is talking to students. His increasingly anxiety provoking dreams have him in a bloody bath fill of nipples then naked with a full-on erection being sucked by Victoria he lectures medical students on cleavage fetish practices and the joys of savage surgical destruction of woman. His mother appears in the dream as a large wet and hardened nipple chasing him over a cliff edge and his erection rapidly subsides. He wakes up even hairier and covered in more semen than ever. He sweats at memories of childhood.

His mother’s cleavage see-sawed above as she sucked him. He remembers his mother’s pet name for his penis as a child – my little nipple – as she gently pulled back his foreskin creating intense frissons of excitement all over his body, and massaged it’s tip with oil making him unbearably hard and harder still. Over time she had advanced these massages until he was bigger and hard enough to make her come as well. Sometimes she would slap his penis down mocking him for its small size. Other times she would take him in her mouth sucking him and rolling her tongue around his corona til he came. Confusing for a child unable to escape the mother with what appeared to him as nipples transformed into a dangerous dark huge empty threatening mouth. This is when his phobia of woman and especially her nipples began.

He becomes more reclusive sleeping on the floor on the corner of his private office, crawling around on all fours. and begins to secrete sticky web from his umbilicus, and eating flies. He loses his appetite and weight but his abdomen swells and swells. His skin develops fronds on the inside of his increasingly hairy arms and legs.

Aboriginal Spider symbols and Totems used in ceremonies and bound clans together

Meanwhile the premier Johnson also behaves increasingly spiderly. This becomes harder to hide and he is disappears from public view. Suspected of cancer crimes and sexual immorality he is arrested on the command of his ambitious deputy Jones a diehard premillinarial. Johnson is rapidly and secretly tried by a sexual morality truth tribunal where he of course confesses and subsequently again of course fails the Paterson orgasm test. He becomes erect and ejaculates after quite a while whilst electrodes stimulate him painfully intra-anally. As he comes Johnson’s belly distends and hundreds of spiderlets burst out in a torrent from his umbilicus, he cries out his eyes bulge his face goes crimson he vomits green fluid and dies on the table. Result Jones thinks.

We can at this stage only suspect Professor Sir Roy Paterson may be heading toward a similar fate. The spider of destiny may have him in their gaze.


Webs of At-tent(s)ion, Tomás Saraceno, 2022. Photograph: Tomás Saraceno

Spiders have survived on the planet [for] 400 million years, much longer than we have been here, and they will keep living when we will disappear

Webs of At-tent(s)ion, Tomás Saraceno, 2022. Photograph: Tomás Saraceno

Tomàs and Martha have called a meeting with a Sexual Liberationist cell near the studio in Argentina. They are sharing ideas but have run out of options. The population seems to have become caught up in a frenzy of militaristic aggression, tracking down and arresting sexual offenders, traitors to the cause: to The Cure, and Mother Spider.

Tomàs can hear the web’s music gradually increasing in tempo over the days. An eerie sound as the web responds to the global decrease in Orgone levels. Mother Spider herself is becoming agitated as her abdomen swells in preparation for spawning a once in a 3,000 year event for the Tasmanian Cave Spider.

Martha’s pregnancy is progressing rapidly, the baby, if that is what it is, seems to be kicking a lot, she has thought about abortion but it’s too late now anyway.

The global political situation is deteriorating globally as the First Information War gathers pace and populations fall rapidly, civil unrest increases, and camps proliferate for birthing and undesirables. The Cult of The Mother Spider grows with the promise of The Rapture.

OncoWeb Inc and it’s executive led by the obsessive Welch, the narcissist Paterson and the premillinarial extremist Jones, have focused entirely on growth profit, global expansion and The Cure for Cancer as well as the solution to widespread sexual immorality. Welch and Paterson are blind to the chaos, Jones sees it as evidence that The Tribulation predicted in the Book of Revelations has truly arrived.

OK so Tomàs thank you for coming maybe you can provide us with some background to start with? Tomàs hardly knows where to start. Martha prompts him. Maybe just explain how this has started Tomàs? It’s complicated but I start with the web and Orgone yes? Yes. OK, I will try to keep this simple but it’s complicated. Two things two strands of work come together. At the margins of disciplines where interesting things happen. Number one we have Reich a German psychoanalyst and his claim to have discovered the mysterious life force itself Orgone.

“Reich argued that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases, most prominently cancer, much as deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses in Freudian theory.”

Second we have my work with spider webs and especially the Tasmanian Cave Spider web. As you all know I’m an artist and explore how spider webs illustrate atmospheric patterns connections networks pollution and even give us clues as to the origin of the Universe itself. Reich was discredited and his research banned in the USA but a German team continued. They were experimenting different materials to try and detect and measure Orgone, the material bions that Reich had postulated in the 1940s.

These “bions,” self-luminescent sub-cellular vesicles he believed were observable in decaying materials and presumably present universally. Initially, he thought of bions as electrodynamic or radioactive entities.”

So again plausibly a kind of radioactive excess, or bion, is detectable by the web’s unique anti-Orgone static The researchers heard that scientists had discovered that spider webs were able to detect matter using the electrostatic charge that builds up within the web.

Thus spider silk may detect material objects.

“They found they could make the web strands electro-adhere to target objects made from metals, ceramics and polymers, thanks to the static electric field that arises between adjacent web strands when a high voltage is applied.”

In the meantime the German team wanted to see if a web could be used to detect Orgone.

What happened next was extraordinary as some of you know. Reich had theorized that a deficiency of Orgone was a cause of cancer and other diseases but it looks like he got that the wrong way round. Welch’s aggressive and widespread cancer was cured and totally regressed after contact with the Mother Spider. The German Scientists working on the Orgone project knew about this and were very excited and postulated that cancers were Orgone emitting tissues. Further cancers were cured by exposure to the Mother Spider and her web in a series of trials.

Sadly as we and you now know the Extraction also completely destroys the sexual faculty and even the capacity to care for the well-being of others or so it seems. It looks like the Mother Spider creates cancer-free love-free robots programmed to expand the empire of Mother Spider and The Cure. The scientists have suggested that the Mother Spider’s web is able to detect and extract something like Orgone from the body and that it is Orgone the Life Force. This proposed vital energy or life force is known under different names in different cultures, such as qi … prana, etheric energy, fohat, orgone, odic force, mana, and homeopathic resonance. At the same time Orgone is also necessary for the human orgasmic function and fertility the creation of new life so once extracted the now robotic programmed individual is also sexless and infertile. The perfect weapon just like Achilles’ myrmidons.

As you also know too well Welch set up the Hobart laboratory to exploit The Cure to create what has become the Beta Attentuation Mass Monitor Extraction machine. BAM-Ex. This was done with the aid of both the German researchers aiming to detect Orgone and Japanese scientists who had already developed artificial web for its incredibly high tensile strength. They incorporated Mother Spider web into their own artificial web structure and had a series of successful cancer extraction tests. The drawback if you want to call it that is that the BAM-Ex machine seems to be reliant on the Mother Spider still secreting her own web here in the studio. When the Mother Spider enters a period of dormancy once every six weeks for 24hrs the BAM-Ex Machines stop working.

Wow that’s some background. Incredible. Nightmare. So now what happens? Well it may be even worse, as we see across the world society is falling apart, populations are falling rapidly , countries are openly at war, it cannot be long until somebody uses the nuclear option, the population is losing its resistance to disease, and some people may even be developing arachnoid features. Martha feels her baby kicking, a lot, as if it has more than two legs.

Mother Spider is getting restless, making more music, swelling and may be getting ready to spawn. I am worried that if she does this may signal a massive increase in her anti-Orgone power threatening annhilation. Martha interrupts. Or maybe if the spiderlets cannabilise the Mother this could snuff out Anti-Orgone and shut down the BAM-Ex machines no? Maybe but I doubt it.

The human’s Excess, as life-force is Orgone rich because of the Death Drive. This is found only in humans. Humans have an unstable libido, and fragile easily damaged possibilities for caring. The human psyche has four possibilities – neurotic, psychotic, narcissistic or juridical. Each psychic structure responds differently to anti-Orgonic forces. The psychotic may even be immune so may even survive The Tribulation. Pure excess in the form of the narcissist is released like an atomic chain reaction.and destroys from within, the neurotic caring individual is transformed into the robotic juridicist who identifies with The Law, ‘is’ The Law itself obsessed with maximizing it’s implementation. These juridicists are now The Law of Anti-Orgone, the Spider Mother, The Cure. The pathologies of juridicism explicated by the philosopher Hegel have become endemic and pandemic of destruction.


Extraction Macht Frei

“Life is not just about matter and how it immediately interacts with itself but also how that matter interacts in interconnected systems that include organisms in their separately perceiving worlds – worlds that are necessarily incomplete, even for scientists and philosophers who, like there objects of study, form only a tiny part of the giant perhaps infinite universe they observe”

(Dorian Sagan, A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans, with a Theory of Meaning, 1934)

We are trying to learn about spiders’ behavior and net making and we would like to learn more about the origin of the uni-verse

Martha awakes, alone, from an erotic dream, sleepily she thinks of Victoria, and still aroused she slowly masturbates to a gentle climax. Only then she lowers her legs to the floor and remembers what the day holds for her.

She has received her appointment for preliminary genetic screening at the BAM-Web extraction centre. They are rumored to be selecting certain women for illicit so-called birthing camps.

She is exhausted on her way home on the bus. She’s been screened but no results as yet. She has to wait twenty four hours and following that fully expects her sex to be extracted. Already she has evaded two appointments but has had a visit and a warning from the neighborhood militia.

She is alone on the top deck of the bus with another woman sat opposite, young and attractive, and their eyes meet. She had been at the centre too. Soon there will be no sex for either of them, both young and desiring. Martha sees the woman’s legs long tanned and lithe stretched out into the aisle and glances at the outline of her breasts no bra, shapely, nipples erect and arousing. She feels her own nipples harden and a warm intense clitoral twitch and squeezes her thighs together. She moves to sit beside her their thighs touching. She reaches out a hand and meets outstretched needy and scared fingers. They look at each other. Why don’t we make the most of the time we have left? She runs her hand further up the woman’s thigh all the way to her pubes, no panties. Mm let’s. Sexual mores are changing rapidly.

Later that day Martha meets Victoria but hardly recognizes her, gaunt, dark rings under eyes, baggy clothes to hide her disfigurements from several surgeries. They sit in silence. What’s happened to you? Have you been extracted yet? No, but I’ve had my screen. Good, it’s vital we all pull our weight, The Cure is among us Let Her Will Be Done. Is it true about the birthing and concentration camps Victoria. I know nothing of those Martha my work is solely focused on maximizing extraction rates and that’s a full time job I can tell you we’ve had amazing success though, 32 million extracted so far and the population is falling all the time. I’ve joined the Liberationists Victoria. You haven’t! Shrill and standing up. I can’t listen to any more. Later Victoria does report Martha anyway all possibilities of love or caring having been extracted along with her potential for excess-life as cancer.

A day later Martha received a knock at the door, she has passed the screening and the militia are there to take her to what they call The Resort, the camp. She is told that she is lucky. At the camp she is told different.

Johnson and Jones, their political Allie’s and some of the premillinarials visit the camp regularly to ‘enjoy’ debasing her and others sexually. In sadistic orgies with Arachnid overtones.

Paterson is taken on an illicit trip to the camp by the premier Johnson and now vice premier Iain Jones. Paterson’s peccadilloes are well known and he knows they know. He doesn’t care and in any case the camp excites him. The premillinarial leaders officially disapprove but many of them also frequent the camp whilst others turn a blind eye partly to curry favor with those in power. Paterson indulges in hyperbolic destructive tortures, undertakes surgical experiments with orifices and nipple destruction. mastectomies and cleavage fetishising.

Paterson no longer finds pleasure in extracted women who are no longer fully woman and so no longer fully function as his phobic object. Hence his turn to the camps.

Lord Sumption vocal leader of the sexual liberationists is arrested. He is publicly villified and undergoes testing in public on mainstream TV for his orgasmic response using the test devised by Paterson – he fails of course. On TV he becomes fully erect as the anal electrodes are switched on and he climaxes and ejaculates on screen. A dramatic climax. Having failed the test, his genitalia are in full view swiftly and cleanly amputated as both punishment and deterrent designed to terrorize . He is then sent to the sacrificial camp, his final resting place, where his death will appease Mother Spider.

There are stories of other camps and other atrocities in the UK, USA, and other places where undesirables are being segregated, forcibly sterilized but denied the valuable cancer-extraction the sacred tool of Mother Spider. There is talk of animal and then human sacrifice to feed the Mother Spider’s will.

Martha finally escapes from the camp, with the aid of Tomàs who has been told of her abduction. But too late, she has been impregnated by Johnson himself. The sexual act was oppressive, shameful and non-libidinal, non-erotic, he hisses like the part spider he is becoming as he came. His excess as narcissist has been transformed into arachnoid life-force and Martha will suspect the foetus is not fully human. Martha is aware of strange feelings inside as she travels with Tomàs to a safe (ish) house.

She tells Tomàs about the pregnancy and her strange sensations. Tomàs senses spider straight away, but doesn’t say anything. This nightmare has been foretold in his dreams.


Welch’s second meeting with The Mother, a consultation with the oracles from Africa and Tomás’s Arachnomancy cards. The geneticists breakthrough and the set up of the Company.

Welch, as with other extractees embodies The Law and is cancer-immune. He has power and is possessed by or even ‘is’ the Demand to spread the word. This is his raison d’être, his dharma as Mother Spider warrior in chief. He meets again with Tomàs. Paterson’s done it. Welch is exuberant. He’s bloody done it mate, in his Australian twang. He’s a nutcase but I always knew he’d come up with the goods. Tomàs is quiet. The research program has been more effective and much quicker than he’d expected. He felt a little overtaken by events. What have we actually done? Done mate? He’s only sold the whole caboodle for a pretty penny too. That means massive production acceleration enough to cope with up to a million cancer-extractions per day. In a year the UK will be cancer free. But what about the impotence the loss of sex, childbirth, that’s going to a problem no? No, that bastard Johnson and those fanatics are all over it, they’ve shut down parliament and imposed martial law. Sex is finished. Jesus H Christ that’s impossible, people will never accept it. They’ll have no bloody choice mate. Anyone caught sexually active will be forcibly extracted, or hung out to dry mate. Christ Welch they’ll be bloody riots and then what happens when people stop having babies? Well that’s the beauty of it. My guess is they’ll use Paterson and his mates to set up another programme to identify women who can be kept for elite priestly fertility purposes and once they’ve birthed they can be extracted or disposed of. They’ll find a way. I’m damn sure those rich bastards will find a way to sow their bloody oats. You mean a kind of genetic engineering program. Sure, they’ll decide whose genes and meanwhile Paterson and his religious nut jobs are going to have a field day cutting down all resistors. Fuck me what have we done? And what about the spider now then? What do you mean?

The Mother Spider is making enforcing and predicting our future. How, is that a problem? Yes, it is. But how?

Tomàs has been finding ways to communicate with the Mother Spider using Arachnomancy cards and now finds his own nightmares are becoming more intrusive vivid and dystopian. The spawning is due soon. His dreams of waves of spiderlets covering the surface of the planet suggest The Tribulation and The Rapture may see the rising not of the human dead from their graves but the rising of the more terrible extinct ancestors of the Tasmanian Cave Spiders.

2019, 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy · Curated by Ralph Rugoff

“The cards are an instrument of mediation, one of the many ways to consult spider/web oracles. Spider/webs are the mouths through which the spider eats and the oracle speaks. The oracle is a messenger between perceptual worlds, transcending the reciprocal blindness between life forms. Spider/webs weave worlds of vibration in tune to the astral scores. Sense new threads of connectivity, or else face the eternal silence of extinction. As life draws lines on your hands, so the spider draws lines on your future. The Arachnomancy reading is written through the silken threads of the spider/web”

The UK programme starts with the most sexually actively, the young and pubertal. Educational programmes emphasizing the moral and nationalist interest are rolled out. Older already infertile people will be left to last. More and more people with cancer clamoring for and are willing to pay for extraction, are being left untreated as resources are diverted into the BAM-Web extraction program. People waiting for extraction are strongly encouraged to use contraception and avoid reproductive sex as, (especially for the for the premillinarials) inciting tribulation and war, de-population is a key element of The Cure.

Voices of libertarian resistance led by Lord Sumption and the Cancer Recovery Group become more strident, louder but are drowned out by the media and populist clamour for The British Cure. Johnson is filmed being extracted but many think it was fake, surely he would never give up his sex voluntarily. Paterson and others vow to make examples and devise tests to prove a person has been sexually de-commissioned.

Welch is triumphant. In the USA Trump with right wing premillinarial backing including Christian Zionists has already bought in the technology and is setting up vast extraction centers across the USA. Trump has already collaborated with The right wing Christian textualists and premillinarials to set up camps to isolate illegal immigrants and non Americans. The Jews are nervous. If the extraction process is to cure cancer for the righteous what must be done with the non-Christian? Meanwhile Tomàs still has control over the Mother Spider. No Mother Spider no extraction. Welch has set up extraordinary security measures around the studio which has been moved to a ‘secret’ location.

?spiders begin to multiply and are becoming venomous .

? Why the UK first?

? The elite only have access to storage if generic material. Some willing to give up sex.

The narcissists affected radically differently, become more obsessively voracious for their fetish and destructive of their phobias. Welch not a myrmidon!

OncoWeb Inc. is globally preeminent. It has the Mother Spider that controls the web, the ancient oracle, the gaping mouth, man’s nemesis. Mother Spider from her Tasmanian lair emanates intent necessary for the extractors to function. And Mother Spider looks ready to spawn potentially cannibalistic offspring. This is making both Tomàs and Welch nervous. Welch heads for China and then Russia to set up deals for extraction expansion. His skin is becoming itchy, and his walking gait has subtly altered, smaller steps slightly jerky shoulders stooped head tilted to one side, in an intentional rush.


Destruction of Woman

2021, Serpentine Gallery, London, England · Curated by Rebecca Lewin Tomàs Saraceno

Professor Sir Roy Paterson sits back in his plush chair in his office at the Oncological Venomology Unit, in The Rayne Institute, Central London, puts the phone down, coughs, and purses his fleshy lips, as if deep in thought. He can hear sirens on Gower Street at regular intervals – a normal everyday occurrence.

Everything is going pretty well he thinks. His star is in the ascendancy, although he feels a bit peculiar, with headaches, some flashing lights on and off, stiffness, persistent stuffiness and cattarh and a dry cough which has made his voice hoarse. Oh well, probably just a cold. He says out loud.

Welch has told Paterson that he and Tomás along with their team of scientists have already completed production of the first successful samples of the anti-Orgonic Cancer Vaccination, simply known as CanVx. They have tested it, under the radar in Africa on several subjects suffering with apparently incurable cancers. There were a few initial hiccups, a few deaths even, not unexpected with the relatively unpredictable and dangerous gene-spliced virotherapies, but the dose has been adjusted, and it has, as if miraculously, now totally cured several advanced cancers.

Treatment of patients with this class of viral trans-gene plasmid therapies has resulted in severe adverse effects and, even in rare cases, death. These modalities range from vector-based cancer therapies, to treating monogenic diseases with life-altering outcomes. The introduction of specific cell function-altering genetic material into a patient, by in vivo delivery of the therapeutic gene, the transgene of interest, leads to their expression in cells, which serves to confer a desired effect, but we should note that these effects are often more unpredictable than appreciated.

The only thing is, Welch explained to Paterson, in its current format CanVx has a marked and potentially very significant side effect, the apparent complete obliteration of the sex drive (a side effect he couldn’t help but notice following his own dramatic experience of The Mother Spider and her web in Tomás’s studio. Welch also suspects, but doesn’t mention possible psychic side effects as well). He tells Paterson that NICE have agreed to phase 1 trials, but before the MHRA will grant regulatory approval they want clarification on the sexual side effects. Paterson is told to expect a call from NICE to set up a short study looking into this. Welch doesn’t think it’s a game changer in terms of marketing The Cure to the UK government, but foresees trouble ahead. Welch the visionary also wonders about the potential for splicing the web gene with a respiratory virus creating a potentially infectious version of CanVx, creating a tool, even weapon, of enormous power.

Paterson strokes his thighs through the fine worsted wool of his tailor made Saville Row suit. He feels his gifts of diagnosis and even prophecy are expanding daily, though bizarrely they seem to remain unappreciated by his peers, and he has a healthy and wealthy waiting list for his personal brand of beautifying breast resections. There is the matter of the rather annoying General Medical Council and Royal College disciplinary hearings, but he has friends in high places who owe him favors. His thoughts turn, as they do more frequently day by day, to cleavage and his sexual appetite which seems to be increasing all the time. He holds out his hands in front of him for inspection, they tremble and seem to be becoming hairier. He sees a fly buzzing by and follows it abnormally quickly, his eyes, flickering and he experiences a buzzing in his ears, then he rubs his eyes, noisily salivates, clicks his tongue on the roof of his mouth and licks his lips. His sexual proclivities have become more intensely demanding than ever. He rubs his groin, penis tingling and thinks of masturbating. It seems as if his sexual organs are being stimulated by the SpiderWeb bra itself. Certainly every time he drapes it over breasts, fastens the straps and switches it on he feels an intense jolt through his testicles into his organ, an pro-orgasmic rush and an insatiable desire to fuck cleavage. Then he thinks of Victoria’s cleavage, fashioned by him, in the ante-room next door, the reception to his private Walpole Street clinic, and presses the buzzer. She too is feeling a glow of self satisfaction, basking in the glory reflected by Paterson and his genius. She has noticed the crescendo in his lascivious demands. He now wants her to watch and record on film his encounters with ‘willing’ patients. She has also noticed that he seems to be changing physically, slowly but definitely. He is looking more gaunt, losing weight, his movements and gait seem more intense, rapid and jerky. And she is sure his hair has become much drier, spikier, and she has noticed his runny nose. a stringy kind of catarrh. The buzzer goes and she immediately gets up and walks in anticipation the few paces to his office, her heels clicking, checking and adjusting her cleavage as she goes. As she enters he looks at her and drops his eyes to her décolletage, a deep exposed cleavage lined with a very low cut black silk bra. He is leaning back in his chair. She waits then he signals her to come forward. He doesn’t need to say anything, she knows. She bends over in front of him and unbuttons his trousers then once she has released his semi erect penis she stands upright and unbuttons her blouse so that he can inspect the cleavage between her breast implants. This is a familiar routine. He has given her especially large implants and as she squeezes her breasts together he hardens, his nose runs, he dribbles, and blows his nose. But he doesn’t want to touch her yet as for now the gaze on this object is quite sufficient. Very nice indeed if I may say so. I’ve been very pleased with you Victoria, his voice a little husky.

He pushes himself up, stiffly, out of his chair and lies down on the eighteenth century chaise longue, allowing his ever more imposing penis to stand up erect, a signifier of demand. Victoria, recognizes the sign hitches up her skirt and moves on top of him, legs either side of his waist. She leans forward and leaving her low cut bra on takes his penis and bending forwards slides it upwards smoothly into the inviting ready lubricated crevice of her cleavage. She caresses him and pushes her breasts together tightly to encompass him, not altogether unaroused herself. The head of his penis bobs up and down in front of her face. Mm thank you Professor I can see you’re pleased. She wants to please him.

She pleasures him slowly to near satisfaction. Then abruptly and in a rather jerkily spasmodic movement Paterson pushes her roughly and gets up tucking himself away with difficulty, penis still erect, he is breathless now: I’d like you to take part in a clinical trial I’m conducting Victoria. He coughs then continues without pause, or a trace of irony. It’s just a quickie. Victoria wipes up the copious semen, more than ever, that’s another thing she’s noticed, from her neck and upper chest – the proverbial pearl necklace. He continues still panting, and tucking his organ away, now subsiding, into his trousers, You don’t need to know this of course but the powers that be have reason to think that the cancer extraction is also, bizarrely, extracting sexual potency. This is potentially of enormous significance as you can imagine, though I can’t see it happening myself, damn thing seems to have the opposite effect on me. Anyway, so, I need to do a few quick experiments to keep the goon squad happy, so we get to test some interesting new equipment on lucky you my dear. Victoria purses her lips and crinkles her eyes in what she likes to think of as a display of attractive coquettishness, as she slowly buttons up her blouse, her own arousal slow to fade. Of course Professor I’d love to. Well, Paterson continues, they’ve managed to manufacture the CanVx injection and I’m taking delivery of the first batch very soon, and after today’s test, a baseline measure of sexual arousal, the vaccination will be your next Treat, and then we’ll repeat the tests. Victoria certainly has no doubt that her own usual very healthy, sexual drive has diminished since having her breast cancer extracted. Nonetheless she still becomes aroused when being fucked, albeit a titty fuck as she thinks of it, in the cleavage. Beckoned by Paterson who finishes buttoning up his trousers, she finishes buttoning up her blouse and follows him down the corridor to the lab. He is walking stiffly jerkily as if urgently arms swinging out sideways and with a sideways slant, he appears deranged but intent, focused.

Paterson has been contacted by Professor Collins head of the human genome project, and senior advisor to the NICE committee on The Cure for Cancer Program. He describes himself as a serious Christian which we can only imagine means he thinks there is such a thing as a non serious Christian. He is very excited and talks rapidly. It looks like we may have a serious contender for The Cure Professor Paterson. Quite remarkable advance by Welch’s research team. Truly remarkable. They’ve somehow managed to map the genome already and even incorporate The Mother Spider’s DNA, the genes responsible for her web production, into the DNA of a viral vector to produce a viral plasmid stable enough to be injected into humans. Paterson just listens. This plasmid is apparently powerful enough to trigger a cellular response that appears to silence whatever it is that is sustaining cancerous growth, even of advanced cancers causing them to regress and ultimately vanish. If that’s true this is a truly momentous advance of unimaginable potential. They call it the Anti-Orgone effect apparently, based on some research by Germans into Orgone, which I’ve always thought was a myth by the way. Anyway, whatever, they say they’ve tested the vaccine on several individuals though he hasn’t published anything as yet. Thing is Professor they have been very surprised by a marked impact on sexual function in all of the recipients, it just knocks it out completely, don’t know why but there it is. Thing is the MHRA want a quick study here in the UK to assess this possible sexual side effect on some, shall we say, naturalized Britons, to see if this is a consistent finding. Ah ha. Paterson utters quietly. As you can appreciate Professor if this really is the case then it’s a tricky one but the powers that be are very keen to roll this out ASAP, Britain First for a Cancer Free UK, and all that. What we want you to do, without too much fuss as it were, and of course in absolute confidence, is a quick and dirty study in your Rayne Institute Lab, maybe just 2 or 3 individuals. Simple idea, I’ve asked a sexologist to get in touch with you who knows about these things, measure sexual arousability, give the jab, then repeat the test. If it’s so bloody clearcut we’ll have an answer for the MHRA straight away then they can fight it out with the PM’s lot. As far as we’re concerned if it cures cancer it’s a goer regardless of any sexual side effect. I’m sure we can persuade enough people to manage without sex if we offer an ultimate Cure for Cancer. Well … Paterson begins but pauses, he knows damn well he wouldn’t give up his sexual freedom for the sake of some Cure, life wouldn’t be worth living. Well, what? Professor Collins continues. Let’s get this all wrapped within a month, OK? Ah right, says Paterson croakily, his throat is dry and he coughs, No problem. But really, if it does destroy the sexual function won’t this be a bit of an issue? Well it won’t be our problem so let’s just crack on and get these tests out of the way and hand it back to the MHRA folk eh? Paterson mentally shrugs. Of course, sure.

We should be amazed by the speed of scientific progress here. The Human Genome Project technology has been used by Welch’s company Extractas BioSciences to rapidly map the genome of The Giant Argentinian Cave Spider, now often simply referred to as The Mother Spider. Cheryl Hayashi, a spider silk geneticist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, is among the researchers and has found The Mother Spider’s silk genes contain short stretches of DNA. These are called motifs and vary between species in number and in their exact sequence. Interestingly she has postulated that the analysis also supports the provocative idea that The Mother Spider’s web may have attained its miraculous anti-cancer properties when a virus invaded its ancestor’s cells, and left behind some of its DNA with the DNA of its scorpion like progenitor. This would be in much the same way some spiders are thought to have developed neurotoxic venoms. Florence Débarre, a theoretician who specializes in evolutionary biology and works at CNRS, the French national research agency, unearthed the data, which consist of genetic sequences posted in GISAID, a virology database, by Chinese researchers. Hayeshi has found by combing through the genome database that the closest known matches to the Mother Soider’s spider’s anti-carcinogenic genes are viral, the largest viruses having as many as 200 genes. So, perhaps it is viruses that hold the key to The Cure and unlocking the nature of the life-force, Orgone or Élan Vital, a force now being unleashed on humanity by the Mother Spider.

The UK Tory Party Cornerstone Group and others from the Far Right of the Party have been contacted. or lobbied to be more accurate, by David Welch on a secure video link, about the cancer vaccine CanVx. He has offered the UK Govt exclusive access, offering a few intangible benefits to the honorable members to lubricate the process: women, holidays all expenses paid, even men and so on,, for the right price, and he has even suggested a strategy for successful implementation. Welch has quite rightly perceived that the Far Right are the most likely to exert effective pressure on the beleaguered prime minister suffering a marked decline in popularity since the fiascos of both Covid and Brexit. Welch has convinced them on the basis of secret trials carried out mainly in Africa, that the SpiderWeb technology works extraordinarily effectively on all cancer. He explains how the geneticists working with Tomás and others have developed a prototype cancer vaccine based on a viral plasmid. He shows them a short video showing how, by gene splicing spider DNA from the web onto viral DNA an injectable plasmid can be created. And how this can then carry the web genes into cells where they will effectively terminate Orgone’s cellular effects sustaining cancerous growth, causing cancers to regress and disappear. Welch has persuaded them that this injection will not only eradicate existing cancer but also, he believes, prevent any future cancers developing. He is upfront about the likely impact on sexual appetite and possibly potency, but sees this as a potential political advantage to the Far Right. He suggests that in the right climate this is quite likely to create an atmosphere of civil unrest possibly necessitating, for security reasons, the enforced proroguation of parliament and even the imposition of martial law, effectively propelling the Right-Wing in to uncontested absolute power. along with Tomás, Welch strongly suspects that Orgone is necessary for both the development of cancer and the libidinal function of the human sexual instinct, and that the cancer viral vaccine plasmid effectively extracts Orgone from the body.

Reich in the 1940s thought that it was deficiency in Orgone (libido) that caused disease but he had got that the wrong way round. Orgone is the long postulated but until now never identified life-force itself. This is the excess that accompanies life itself that manifests most evidently physically during sexual acts in orgasms and as persistent cancerous growths and psychically most evidently in narcissists in the form of hyperbolic anxiety ridden fetishistic perversions and destructive phobias.

Welch suggests to the MPs, who by now are all agog, some intensely excited and some intensely nervous and some both, that with the right preparation and support from certain sympathetic academics and security think-tanks the population at large could be persuaded using the potency of fear as the driver, that there is an imminent cancer epidemic, that it is a patriotic duty to attack the problems of both over-population and of cancer, that cancer may be infectious and can be spread by sexual contact and therefore is primarily the fault of the sexually immoral and the liberal minded social classes, and to accept that implementation of the CFUK program requires firm policing and appropriate legislative sanctions for non-compliance.

Paterson has been briefed by Professors Cameron and Dillon chairs of the OncoWeb NICE committee, NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), and the The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) respectively, the UK government quangos tasked with assessing the safety and cost-effectiveness of this rather novel medical intervention. He has been given to understand that the Prime Minister’s office is insisting on the speedy and urgent purchase of CanVx the cancer vaccine. The Tories, and especially the PM, are desperate for some dramatic news, to distract the masses from the economic crisis, the aftermath of the pandemic and Brexit. And they have a suspicion that this new technology may do a lot more than just distract the masses. Not only could it be The Cure, it has potential to be a kind of nuclear option, the tool they need to wield power and accumulate unimaginable wealth much more securely and fundamentally. So, the politicians are also very interested in not only its ability to eradicate cancer but also to ascertain its suspected effects on sexual potency and fertility. Behind the scenes the Prime Minister and certain cabinet colleagues of the Cornerstone Group, are pressing for urgent progress on the Zero Cancer Campaign for a Cancer Free UK (CFUK). The government’s popularity is waning rapidly even as it cranks up its nationalist and racist anti-migrant rhetoric, and as the economy goes into a post Brexit/Covid recession leading to mass strikes and the beginnings of civil unrest. The Tories need a crisis to regain the initiative in the polls, a war of some kind. Cornerstone and the security thinktanks want to harness public sentiment for the sake of national security, as they see it, and to impress the USA. They have hinted that even a Cancer Pandemic, possibly infectious, and an exclusively British Cure to match would be rather helpful. The security wallahs at RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) have expressed concerns about the potential civil unrest that could be provoked but the government feels that with persuasion RUSI long honed skills ar manipulating public sentiment can be relied upon to manufacture the necessary evidence and nationalist propaganda. Cornerstone’s political heavyweights, following their brief, combined with the successful NHS commission of CanVx could provide the basis for a major political coup and, in addition, set the scene for a much needed more prosperous relationship with the USA. They aren’t so naive as to think that Welch hasn’t also offered ‘exclusive’ access to the USA maybe even Russia, India or China, though this won’t stop them and the PM claiming a world beating moonshot for a CFUK and a British First Past the Post success.

In response, in the first place, Paterson with the help of the sexologist recommended by Professor Collins, has set up a preliminary program to test the feasibility of measuring female sexual responsiveness. He is sure that male sexual responsiveness is easier to measure, the response being a fairly obvious visual cue, and they can deal with that later. Although Victoria has had a partial cancer extraction her arousal seems relatively intact. So Paterson plans a before and after arousal test on Victoria to see if injecting her with the viral plasmid CanVx affects sexual arousal and function.

Paterson ushers Victoria into a darkened room. He closes the door behind them. They are alone and in the dim light apart from a glow from some electronic equipment and a running projector shining an image on to the ceiling above a couch. He puts a hand on her shoulder and guides her to the couch. If it’s OK then there are one or two tests, quite quick and simple. Take off your clothes and lie on the couch Victoria. He watches. She quickly slips off her dress. He adds. And underwear, that’s it. She lies down naked feelings the cold of the plastic on her back and buttocks. Victoria looks up, a projector is already set up and running and on the ceiling above her head is a bright white rectangular projection with the acronym CFUK 2023: Female Potency Vaginal photoplethysmography (VPP) – Study 1. Paterson smooths back his receding hairline with a bony hand. He coughs as his voice is a little croaky. Good, ok so.

Paterson is using Vaginal photoplethysmography, the primary method used to assess female genital arousal. a method developed by Palti and Bercovici in 1967.

Palti, Y. & Bercovici, B. [“Photoplethysmographic study of the vaginal blood pulse”], “American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 97, 143–53”, 1967

Now, Victoria, are you comfortable? He reads from a script. I am going to show you an erotic film made by a woman that contains not just an act but a significant amount of foreplay. I want you to pay attention, if you like imagine you are the woman being aroused in the film. and relax. In addition I want you to use your fingers to gently massage your clitoris and to masturbate. Then he touches the inside of her knees. Just spread your legs for me. Victoria. She is already wet and aroused and enjoying the attention. She spreads her legs wide. He reaches over and parts her labia and massages some warm gel into her clitoris and she moans quietly. Now this will feel a little cold. He inserts a vaginal photoplethysmograph with a light source and photosensitive cell on a vaginal probe. wired up to a monitor to measure changes in vaginal blood flow, the indicator of arousal. With his hand slowly working on his own erect cock he uses some more of the same gel and watches her masturbate increasingly enthusiastically in the darkened room.

At the enquiry into his cleavage sparing surgery the GMC take a dim view and threaten to suspend him from clinical work and even to strike him from the medical register unless he desists. They are mindful of his high standing amongst the public and medical community though and merely offer a warning. Paterson feels more infallible than ever. The CanVx trials are thus far highly secret. Technically the GMC is unaware of the project although some members are involved but sworn to secrecy.

In any case, Paterson knows in a perverse twist that given that CanVx is so far proving 100% effective at eradicating cancer this means the mastectomies he performs are also strictly unnecessary. And so the cleavage sparing operations are purely for his own pleasure. The mastectomies are simply but crucially and as far as he is concerned necessarily destructive of womanhood at least in the form of their breasts and especially of their nipples the most potent embodiment of his Phallic Mother and his personal phobic object. He is quite confident that in the long run those buffoons at the GMC will leave him alone, quite free to exercise his own peculiar self-appointed prerogatives.

That evening Paterson drives to the Brethen Chapel in Surrey and delivers a fiery sermon. We must urgently prepare ourselves and cleanse our souls for The Second Coming. God’s Will is expressed, the holy miracle of The Cure for Cancer is a sign. The True Believers will embrace The Cure. But the weak, the communists, the immoral, even the professed humanitarians at the United Nations, they will preach against The Cure, will rebel against God’s Will, will foment violence and cause an apocalyptic Global War. He hammers his fist on the podium with each word. His face is puce and his chin flecked with saliva and his nose runs. and those stained with sin. He stares intently into the eyes of the congregation some of whom look at each other, uncomfortable. The sermon did not go down well. Senior members of the Brethren met later and discussed the Bible’s teachings. Disease is a price for sin, though one can be a True Believer and still suffer disease without sin. The Cure is surely a deception of the Anti-Christ. They voted to summon Paterson. He will be shunned, excommunicated until he has seen the error of his ways and paid adequate penance. For many years Paterson has been an Evangelical Christian preacher in the premillinarial sect given to increasingly extreme ideologies and a devotion to solo scriptura.

Sola Scriptura acknowledges the facts that the Bible is the Word of God, inerrant, sufficient, without error, and the source of all truth.

The image he has thus cultivated has given him access to certain groups of right wing Christian preferences including the High Tory Cornerstone Group. However. he is among the first to notice, along with Welch, Tomàs, and the leading member of Cornerstone and UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Justice, Iain Jones, the potential for cancer-extraction combined with mass infertility and impotence to lead humanity into the abyss of civil war and destruction. For Paterson and Iain Jones this will fulfil the biblical prophecy of The Tribulation as foretold in The Book of Revelations, the earthly manifestation of the work of the Anti-Christ anticipating the Second Coming of Christ. For them this is not a reason to preach against The Cure, quite the opposite, they belief the economic and political advantages of owning The Cure will accrue to them because of their true faith, the coming Tribulation notwithstanding. This conclusion has created divisions within the various religious denominations, and especially between those who, like the Grand Dame Nesta, believe that despite the inevitability of The Tribulation True Believers must still resist the Anti-Christ and the sinful human rebellion and that these are manifest in the Cure, which is against the will of God. There are others, like Paterson, Jones, and most of the High Tory Cornerstone Group who prefer to believe that ancient traditions including sex only within marriage, patriotism and free enterprise constitute the will of God, and who have no hesitation in backing the CFUK programme, the Cure for Cancer and at the same time an opportunity to cull the population of the weak, sexually immoral and faithless. Of course, as self-professed leaders we may imagine that they may think their gene lines too valuable to be terminated at this crucial point in history. They may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to risk cancer and continue as virile and sexually active as ever, if not more so.

In a very short time, the required evidence and propaganda packages are put together. Paterson as head of the Rayne Institute Research Oncological Venomology Unit has convinced NICE and the MHRA to pay for the viral plasmid Canvx Technology from the NHS budget, factoring in affordability because of anticipated progressively fewer cancer expenses and fewer patients overall anyway as the birth rate drops. Paterson informs Welch and a contract is signed. Now just as austerity is biting hard, strikes are increasing in frequency and civil unrest is predicted by RUSI and other UK security think tanks, the government does four things. It prorogues parliament, it mandates the universal roll out of the mass cancer-extraction and sexual relief program (euphemism for mass sterilization) across the country, mandates penalties for non-compliance, and institutes martial law forbidding use of the internet, strikes and mass gatherings. The Prime Minister announces the world beating British Cancer Free UK Moonshot is successful to a fanfare of widespread media praise.

The government propaganda machine and security think tanks devise media messages persuading the public at large that The Cure For Cancer And Sex and the rapid depopulation of the country is not only The Solution, but also a patriotic duty and the only solution, to national redemption, to abolish austerity and the sexual promiscuity and sins of the feckless populace. The propaganda even hints that cancer may be infectious and transmitted by sexual acts, a powerful rumor with a dramatic and rapid impact on public opinions and behaviors, creating intense and deep divisions within and across communities.

So, of course then, as we have already imagined, some of the elite powerful and wealthy are sure to find ways to create loopholes, to evade the CanVx protocol. They will break The Law with impunity and so hold on to their sex drive and their peccadilloes. At the same time as the program is rolled out Welch suspects that the psychic side effects are going to generate a critical mass of desexualised fanatical supporters of The Cure intent on enforcement and increasingly harsh policing. And so, whilst Welch and his team organize mass production of the CanVx vaccines the Far Right are already landing the initial phase of the propaganda campaign and briefing the military, police and security think tanks. Rumors are filtering through even as the PM, impatient and impulsive makes premature announcements about Britain First and the imminent success of the CFUK moonshot. A motley collection of left wing activists, conspiracy theorists, and individualist libertarians are increasingly alarmed and organizing, planning resistance for very different reasons – groups as ideologically different as the Plymouth Brethren and strict dispensational Premillenialists on the one hand who see The Cure as a mortal sin, and the left wing Trotskyite Fourth International in Manchester Group and AntiCapitalist Resistance who effectively see Capitalism as The AntiChrist.


Narcissism Under Threat
Tomás Saraceno, Webs of At-tent(s)ion (2022). Installation view at Tomás Saraceno: Oceans of Air, Mona, Hobart, 17 December 2022–24 July 2023. Courtesy Mona

Following Welch’s dramatic and spectacularly orgasmic collapse under the influence of Tomás’s new Spider and its Web he had been rushed still unconscious to the Hospital Ángel C. Padilla the public hospital in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán where Tomás was born and where his studio is based. Welch was in a coma for over 24hrs.

His breathing has been laboured but he hasn’t needed ventilation, otherwise his observations have been normal apart from the occurrence of random mild myoclonic spasms affecting his arms and legs. His laboratory tests have also been normal apart from a very highly elevated C-Reactive Protein, a non-specific marker for inflammation and/or cell breakdown, and a massive proteinuria that threatened to compromise his renal function. His CXR is also, remarkably we might think, normal, no signs of the previously extensive signs of tumour, of which the doctors are of course unaware.

After two days Welch opens his eyes to see the white ceiling tiles, tubes and electronic paraphernalia of a hospital ward, only then does he turn his head and manage to focus on the anxious faces of his wife Kirsha, his gambling syndicate partner Zeljko, and Tomás. He tries to sit up but can’t. Hi, he says almost inaudibly, What’s all this, where am I? Looking at Zeljko he says What are you doing here. Zeljko just smiles back. Tomás calls a nurse over. Kirsha, tearful, let’s out a sob and holds his hand. Oh David, thank god, we’ve been so worried about you. The doctors haven’t told us anything. Tomás says you just suddenly collapsed at the studio. Tomás just nods. Welch’s thoughts come slowly to him, he can’t really remember, his head feels fuzzy as if somebody has stuffed it with felt. Zeljko walks around to hold his other hand. It’s ok mate, you’re ok. Tomás holds back, uncertain of his role and aware that Welch’s wife and best mate Zeljko have no idea about what did actually happen. What can you remember David? Tomás asks tentatively. He was frightened, badly, by Welch’s reaction let alone the Spiders extreme agitation. He’s not sure how much to reveal at this stage, not wanting to create undue alarm over the new Spider’s propensities, and unsure of the significance of Welch’s reaction. Since the drama Tomás has forbidden anyone to enter The Spider’s room which he has kept locked.

Dr Smallwood in Hobart stares incomprehensibly at Welch’s chest radiograph and brain scan. Turning to Welch slowly, So, tell me again what happened. Welch, sitting almost primly smiles and holds up his hands in a shrug, No idea really doc. One minute I was chatting with Tomás in his studio, the next minute out for the count, apparently. I can’t remember anything else, just waking up in hospital. Well this takes the biscuit mate. One for the record books I’d say. He peers at the scans then turns back to Welch, looking and sounding bemused. We’ll have to keep a close eye on you. Strewth, staring intently through his thick spectacles at Welch, as if Welch were somehow guilty of something. I’ve known cancers regress, sure, pretty rarely but they can, but never ever when they’ve been as advanced as yours. Well doc it’s a mystery to me too but I’m sure as hell not complaining. Welch is cagey, he doesn’t want to tell Smallwood the whole story at this stage, best keep to a need to know basis. OK well terrific. This would make one incredible case history report for the New England Journal of Medicine, mm, he runs his chin thoughtfully, There again methinks maybe a bit too incredible. He begins to take the scans down. We’ll make you another scan appointment in a month or so, make sure this is all kosher. Just take it easy in the meantime. Smallwood thinks he could, in theory, write this up, but, in practice, if he did he was pretty sure those miserable fuckers at the College, those snobby bastards would just relish the opportunity to put him down and accuse him of fraud. He’d made plenty of enemies there with his forthright manner and inability to tolerate entitled arrogant fools. Fuck ‘em all he says. He won’t give them the opportunity and takes the last scan and radiographs off the screen.

Welch touches his penis as he lays in bed, … nothing, no more erections not a flicker, he closes his eyes and fantasizes about being touched, or watching someone else being touched … still nothing. Ah well, what the hell, he sighs. He can see Krisha, several years younger than him, slim, lithe, athletic, getting out of the bath. Normally this would have aroused him and his usually excitable and generous organ but now zilch.

He hasn’t stopped thinking about his miraculous remission and his encounter with Tomás’s Giant Argentinian Cave Spider. Tomás was right that beastie had been full of surprises. He rings Tomás to arrange another encounter with what Welch now thinks of as The Mother Spider, or simply The Giant. He tells Tomás about the complete remission of his cancer, and his suspicion thatThe Mother Spider cured his cancer. David, Tomàs asks tentatively, What can you actually remember? Bright lights flashing in different colors, a really loud humming vibration and to be honest getting incredibly aroused. Well that’s it David, I haven’t told anyone but you absolutely came, you’d pulled out your, er, thing, had a massive boner and you ejaculated everywhere and the Spider was going completely nuts. Bloody hell, is that right? Well there’s not much of a boner for me now, I seem to have been left high and dry on that front. There was a pause. Probably best if we keep this to ourselves for now eh? For sure, listen, I have colleagues who’ve been working on something called Beta Attenuation Monitoring and SpiderWeb Photogrammatic technologies to capture spider web transmissions, and I know of scientists working on web genetics. Do you think we can get them to have a look at The Giant? Welch hesitates, he doesn’t want too many outsiders involved too early before he’s has a chance to find out more. but why not, Sure, ok, let’s see what they come up with. Look, he says, why don’t we see if this Cure can be repeated on some more people and then if it can we should set up a limited company devoted to The Mother, gather experts, all to sign Non Disclosure Agreements to keep this under wraps, and I’ll sound out a few likely investors who might take a chance on this one. But first I want to see The Mother again, see what she tries this time. I’m a bit surprised you’d take the chance David. Tomás is not sure this is a good idea. David, don’t be crazy, you could die next time! Well, I like a punt and I bet you She will just love me to bits next time. The truth is Welch can’t get The Mother out of his mind, he wants to know what she wants – Che Vuoi? – how he can please Her.

With this in mind Welch tells Tomás he is also keen to meet with the practitioners of Nggám dú in Cameroon. Tomás has worked on a project with them and tells Welch that he would find the spider diviners ‘interesting’. They claim to be able to consult spider oracles, for a donation, and the last time I met with them they seemed agitated, said that The Mother would appear and wreak havoc on the world, provoke chaos and rupture humanity, all veiled in a web of deceit. Welch is intrigued and wants to know if the diviners will agree to consult with Tomás’s Giant, Tomás too is enthusiastic and promises to set something up. Welch is convinced The Mother Spider has the answer to humanity’s destiny and now sees his own destiny as one with the spider’s, determined to be the spiders No. 1 agent-provocateur, no matter what the final outcome. And he believes the diviners may hold the key to The Mother Spider’s intentions and desires.

In 2021, the durational community project Nggàm dù was launched as part of the Berliner Festspiele’s Immersion programme. Described as “a web portal by, with and for the spider diviners of Somié, Cameroon”,Nggàm dù invites audiences to learn about the historic, trans-generational practice of ŋgam dù divination that is practiced across the borderlands of Cameroon and Nigeria, consult with the spider oracle for an agreed donation, and in turn support locally-run projects throughout the village.

Festspiele, Berliner. “Tomás Saraceno: Nggàm dù – Immersion”. Retrieved 2022-01-21.

For Welch, His will no longer matters. He has no will of his own. There is no ‘his own’. He no longer exists as a partially autonomous ‘he’ as such. He has become or is now literally The Will of The Mother Spider: Let her will be done: The Eradication of Cancer in its Entirety!

He is aware of the loss of his life-long anxiety and its replacement by an almost surreal even ruthless calmness and singularity of purpose. He is relieved, no longer compelled to impose his will on others, to constantly battle to beat others into submission through the sheer weight of irresistible oppression and bullying. So much simpler to be just The Enforcer when the rules are so simple, so clear … and so right. To enforce this rule as much as possible. Now he had to find out more, to truly grasp the essence of The Mother Spider’s will.

But, such single minded ruthlessness may give us pause for thought , we too should take a moment and think … what of such certainty, and rigorous righteousness: where will this Mother Spider lead us? Maybe Hegel had some useful psychological insights in his Spirit of Christianity into a rule-devotional mindset. A ‘juridical’ mindset so fixed on its obedience to inflexible rules that any possibility of disobedience, of considering possible even unintended harms to others, even of the possibility of love itself, is utterly expunged from the mind, creating a monster.

Hegel is one of the few philosophers to devote systematic attention to phenomena that can be called pathologies of juridicism. Hegel claims that the law fundamentally contaminates the way in which we relate to ourselves, to others and to the world so that our (inter-) subjectivity becomes ethically deformed, distorted, or deficient

Tomàs was excited and nervous to meet with Welch again. Welch’s bizarre eroticised and almost fatal response to the Giant Argentinian Cave Spider had shocked him to his core at the time, but Welch’s subsequent total and ‘impossible’ cancer regression had also opened up dramatic new possibilities. And, Welch had also made Tomàs aware of his complete loss of sexual interest or indeed function.

Tomàs had already been collaborating with scientists using a Beta Attenuation Mass (BAM) monitors to illustrate visually components of the earth’s atmosphere in art works. These appeared to be printouts similar to those produced in say mass chromatography or spectroscopy to determine whether for example certain biomarkers are present.

Saraceno is also known for his interest in spiders and their webs, which led to the formation of the interdisciplinary community Arachnophilia, a research-driven initiative that refines concepts and ideas related to spider/webs across different forms of knowledge and multiple artistic, scientific and theoretical disciplines. Notably, Saraceno collaborated with researchers at the Photogrammetric Institute of TU Darmstadt to develop the Spider/Web Scan, a novel, tomographic technique that allowed, for the first time ever, precise 3D models to be made of complex spider webs

Together with these photogrammetric scientists Tomàs had become especially interested in developing the work of the psychoanalyst Reich on Orgone – a substance identified by Reich in the 1940a as a manifestation of the orgasmic force.

Tomàs had collaborated with Orgone researchers in Germany and used the SpiderWeb Scanner with BAM monitors to try to detect Orgone emanating from individuals having orgasms but so far without success. The original Reich research in the 1940s had been stopped and proscribed, at least as far as the public was concerned, by the US government and Reich had been imprisoned. However, far from the public gaze government scientists in the USA and elsewhere were still working on the Orgone project and the CIA had maintained an archive of Reich’s research findings. Clearly. to detect, identify and measure Orgone, the life-force itself, the Élan Vital, the elixir of life itself, would be both a momentous scientific breakthrough and most crucially for the future of humanity would also provide an extraordinarily powerful political tool for manipulating public sentiment. Following the drama with Welch Tomás had become intrigued by the possibility that his new spider may hold the key to Orgone detection. Spiders are ancient, with hundreds of millions of years of existence on planet earth, mythically reputed to have supernatural powers, to be responsible for weaving the web of the universe itself and one day to be responsible for its demise too. Surely if anything, or any living creature can hold the key to the mystery of the life force it might be this extraordinary beast from Argentina.

So, now both Tomàs and Welch, one the curious young activist artist, the other an eccentric but visionary and brilliant narcissist, have seen Welch’s dramatic and orgasmic response to the Giant Argentinian Cave Spider, his subsequent total loss of libido and the subsequent ‘impossible’ complete regression of his apparently incurable cancer. Both now wanted to see if her SpiderWeb might be used in conjunction with the photogrammetric BAM technology to detect the life-force, Orgone, and possibly detect and eradicate cancer in others, maybe even in advance of symptoms. Could this Spider be the key to The Cure for Cancer, and who knows what else?

Welch and Tomàs meet again at the studio in Argentina. The Spider has been more active since Welch’s previous encounter. Perhaps the Spider has sensed an awakening of her own ancient powers and The Tribulation to come.

It emerges Welch has both funds and political friends in high places who would support setting up a secret laboratory, investment in a Limited Company and a research team to develop the SpiderWeb/BAM technology to detect Orgone, investigate its properties and in the process find The Cure for Cancer, the most powerful political weapon the world has ever seen.

Some politicians of the Far Right and with Christian Evangelical premillinarial tendencies begin to ponder and in private discuss the possibilities of not only The Cure, but also of enforcing universal mass impotence.

Already a growing number of premillinarial cells across the world are anticipating and even provoking civil unrest. They seem to be increasingly persuaded that the Covid pandemic, climactic events, and global warfare were evidence of The Tribulation that would according to their interpretation of The Book of Revelations precede The Rapture and the second coming of Christ.

Even the infamous and brilliant Oppenheimer who led the Manhattan project to develop the atomic bomb believed it was his sacred duty as a scientist to follow The Law of Science to its lethal nuclear end. His quote at the time of the first atomic test illustrates that not only premillinarial Christians but also some Hindu philosophies may follow divine commandments preaching the End Times.

“’Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds’, is literally the world-destroying time,” explains Thompson, adding that Oppenheimer’s Sanskrit teacher chose to translate “world-destroying time” as “death”, a common interpretation. Its meaning is simple: irrespective of what Arjuna does, everything is in the hands of the divine.”

“But Krishna teaches him about a higher philosophy that will enable him to carry out his duties as a warrior irrespective of his personal concerns. This is known as the dharma, or holy duty.”