Psychoanalytic Chrysopoeia: the capitalist unconscious transmutates debased flesh into surplus life 

The Transmutation of Debased Flesh – Medicine’s Elixirs of Eternal Life .
Medicine’s glorified alchemists and the repression of overdiagnosis. 
On physical and mystical matters and the Philosopher’s stone: the practical and the esoteric, the secret repressed symbolism and its magic power invested in the gift. The secret of immortal life. 
Jung’s vol 12 ‘psychology and alchemy’ – covers similar territory – the projection of the unconscious, through symbols, onto the material world in order to take the place of God the redeemer, man has become his own redeemer of himself, in an alchemy that attempts to find the immortal spiritual core of his nature. Just to note the similarities. 
In ‘alchemy and psychology’ by Jung: 

“From this point of view, alchemy seems like a continuation of Christian mysticism carried on in the subterranean darkness of the unconscious…. But this unconscious continuation never reached the surface, where the conscious mind could have dealt with it. All that appeared in consciousness were the symbolic symptoms of the unconscious process. Had the alchemist succeeded in forming any concrete idea of his unconscious contents, he would have been obliged to recognize that he had taken the place of Christ – or, to be more exact, that he, regarded not as ego but as self, had taken over the work of redeeming not man but God. He would then have had to recognize not only himself as the equivalent of Christ, but Christ as a symbol of the self. This tremendous conclusion failed to dawn on the medieval mind.” (Part 3, Chapter 5.1).
It is almost as if the mediaeval alchemists were the first capitalists making transcendent Surplus immanent through their alchemical projection of their unconscious onto matter. Where spiritual re-birth through alchemy generates the surplus-value. “Man had taken over the work of … redeeming God.”
In Kordela: man in a sense projects his original sin onto the search for immortality – for his own elusive philosopher’s stone; through a symbolism of mysterious and mystical genomics that can see into our future and reveal the elixir of immortal if not eternal life. 

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