‘illness, health, risk, vaccine, peanut butter’

Here we have a classification from Marx: “Freedom, Equality, Property and Bentham” Marx cited by Dolan, drawing on Kierkegaard’s use of ‘officers, maids and chimneysweeps’. Where Freud referred to psychoanalysts as chimney sweeps. (In ‘Sex and Nothing’ ). 

The beauty of this is its ironic exposure of the impossibility of eg science to ever be capable of totalising nature and humanity in classification systems – what is universal is the contingent – but what if …. what? Precisely – we don’t know what, but there is definitely a ‘what if … ?’
So , for fun, we could have a classification: all we need is:  

‘illness, health, risk, vaccine, peanut butter’

… where peanut butter is the contingent, both life-giving, desirable and ubiquitous and life threatening, feared and forbidden. 

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