The circulation of apprehension

The biopolitical battlefield is between the  ‘vertretung’ of equivalence between the perceived promise (wages) to alleviate risk and the resultant debt (the self ownership that is Foucaults subjectivisation and self entrepreneuriality) which puts the subject (potential labour power) into active labour, and the fictitious ‘darstellung’ where what is exchanged is surplus fear or apprehension which has only an arbitrary relation with the congealed affective labour in the product – the compliant and ‘more afraid’ patient. Affective labour is working on the risk score in the PGT – predictive genetic test – machine, producing self valorising apprehension that maintains a permanently increasing indentured slavery and indebtitude that guarantees endless expansion of productivity of the body through eg the re-constitutions of the genome into more machines. The person exchanges his potential labour power as ‘vertretung’ outside of the circulation of apprehension where labour is converted into congealed labour in the product which generates surplus value as exchange value, as ‘darstellung’. 
Apprehension, in a sense, buys the promise and ultimately is exchanged for more apprehension. Apprehension is the universal currency of the patient. 

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