2018 – Apartheid Israel and Gaza

An open letter to our local MP, conservative Douglas Ross.

The United Nations Office for the co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) has summarised the ongoing tragedy:

Since 30 March, 41 Palestinians, including five children, have been killed by Israeli forces during the course of the demonstrations. In addition, 12 Palestinians were killed during the same period in other circumstances, including five shot at the fence or after crossing into Israel, whose bodies are reportedly withheld by the Israeli authorities. The cumulative number of injuries has exceeded 9,800, of whom nearly 5,000 have been hospitalized. As of 4 May, at least 169 health personnel had been injured and 18 ambulances damaged, according to the MoH in Gaza.

The UN Secretary General has called for an independent investigation. The Israeli government is responsible for the deaths of Gazans ‘armed’ only with symbolic slingshot. It’s excuse – the need to protect Israel from invasion. Really?

As Amnesty International says, there must be an immediate boycott on selling military equipment to Israel.

The Israeli government is fuelling global instability – it is no ally of the people of the UK or anywhere else.

The Israeli government demonises the secular and Shia neighbouring states, and illegally occupies the Golan Heights (with its oil reserves and links to the Murdoch and Rothschild empires through Genie Energy). It is inciting war in order to pursue its racist, expansionist and profiteering aims.

I think that there is increasing local UK and global awareness of the increasingly destructive nature of the Apartheid government in Israel. And, that politicians who wish to be re-elected would be wise to increasingly acknowledge this and to begin to publicly withdraw support from Israel. For example: Make public your criticism of and resignation from Conservative ‘Friends of Israel’, make a plea for military sanctions, and support BDS.

Future conservative political power may well depend upon a willingness to acknowledge and call for an end to Israel’s apartheid policies and unacceptable actions.

Specifically, will you support a) Amnesty International’s call for a military boycott and b) the UN General secretary’s call for an independent investigation into the murders in Gaza?

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